Fan / heat sink combinations

Special solutions for fan/heat sink combinations

Axial fan MFB50E for cooling photovoltaic panels

The shift to renewable energy sources without the use of photovoltaics is inconceivable and simply because photovoltaics represent a sustainable and environmental friendly method of converting solar energy into electricity. To ensure that the inverter has a long service life, it must have an appropriate thermal management. SEPA EUROPE’s popular axial fan MFB50E is ideal for this purpose.

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Radial fans for plug-in card

In the case of this application, the permitted temperature range may not be exceeded. What is required is an efficient cooling concept for cooling the FPGAs that process the video signals.

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OEM Cooler for graphics card

The increasing speed of processors combined with lower power density and required high degree of reliability are the challenging factors that manufacturers of PCs and cards are confronted with today.

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According to the wishes of the customer

In cooperation with the heat sink manufacturer Alutronic, the cooling specialist SEPA EUROPE presents a completely new generation of pin-fin heat sinks with up to 40% higher thermal conductivity in comparison to customary heat sinks.

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