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Automotive Industry

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Fans used in the automotive industry by SEPA EUROPE

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For infotainment, LED, autonomous driving, air condition and alcohol sensors

Fans used in the automotive industry by SEPA EUROPE

Modern vehicle technology has made tremendous progress over the last years, in particular in the electronics sector. Today’s vehicles are equipped with numerous electronic systems ranging from infotainment and alcohol sensors to LED headlights and autonomous driving. The reliability and performance of these systems is highly dependent on an effective cooling of the electronic components.


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Today’s modern vehicles are equipped with sophisticated infotainment systems that offer a wide range of functions. These systems however, generate heat so that an efficient cooling system plays a decisive role in ensuring optimum performance and durability.

The LF40P axial fan prevents overheating and keeps the temperature low at all times. The new distinctive fan blades have clear benefits as far as performance and noise are concerned. In this context LF stands for laminated fan and describes the motor construction with stator lamination. This enables the fan to operate both highly effectively and quietly while still reducing the weight.

LED headlights
LED headlights are more energy-efficient and have a longer lifespan than customary lighting systems however, they also generate heat that has to be dissipated in order to ensure not only optimum performance but also the lifespan. The fan plays a decisive role in the cooling of electronic components. It maintains an optimum operating temperature and thus improves the luminosity and efficiency of the headlights.

SEPA EUROPE offers its customers numerous concepts for the cooling of LED headlights. Among these are the round axial fan LF40B12. Thanks to its aerodynamically optimized rotors, it operates extremely quietly and effectively. It can also operate reliably at temperatures from -40°C to + 80°C.  In its housing with the protection rating IP65, it can reliable protect the electronic components against overheating.

Alcohol sensors with fans SEPA EUROPE

Alcohol sensors                                                              The integration of alcohol sensor technologies in vehicles is an important step towards road safety. The new generation of alcohol sensors is touchless and integrated in the dashboard. A system discreetly analyses the alcohol content in the driver’s breath by monitoring the expired air. The drivers can simply get into the vehicle and breathe as normal.

The concept is simple yet effective: The HY45T radial fan suctions in the breath of the driver while he/she is driving the vehicle. This breath is then analysed by special sensors in order to determine the alcohol content in the driver’s breath. The powerful radial fan is a mere 5 mm thick and can be housed in the smallest of spaces. The compact blower suctions the air in on both sides and is equipped with the SEPA MagFix® bearing. The radial fan is available from stock in 5 V and is pleasantly quiet.

Air condition bus with fans SEPA EUROPE

Air conditioning in busses                                               The air conditioning of busses plays a vital role in ensuring passenger comfort in particular in times of increasing temperature extremes caused by climate change. In order  to ensure a pleasant and healthy indoor environment, advanced fan systems are used that are designed for their efficiency and performance.

The AD0924HB axial fan is an excellent choice for use in the air conditioning systems in busses.  With its extended temperature range of up to 90°C, its long lifespan and its optimized blade geometry it represents an efficient and reliable means of cooling busses.

The AD0924HB axial fan is supplied as a standard component, however it can be tailored to the customer’s needs. SEPA EUROPE can customize parameters, e.g. size, tacho output, PWM input, operating voltage or pre-assembled connectors.

Autonomous driving with fans SEPA EUROPE

Autonomous driving                                                         The electronic system required for autonomous driving is extremely complex and power-hungry. These systems generate a considerable amount of heat so that efficient cooling is indispensable when it comes to ensuring the reliability and precision of the sensors and calculations. The fan-based cooling of electronic components contributes to regulating the temperature in these high-performance systems while likewise increasing the safety and precision of the autonomous driving functions.

The HXB30 chip cooler has proved to be an ideal solution. Thanks to its compact construction, low weight and screwless mounting, the assembly enables precise positioning and thus effective cooling of the hotspot. The HXB30 chip cooler is equipped with a high-precision ball bearing and can be used at ambient temperatures between -10 and +85 °C thus providing the user with a wide range of application possibilities.

Lidar systems play a central role in the distance measurement and environment detection in autonomous vehicles. Accurate cooling of the sensors is required to ensure reliable distance measurement. The use of fans for cooling electronic components supports the Lidar technology by ensuring a constant operating temperature and thus improving the precision of the distance measurement.

Products for Automotive Industry

Axial fan with high performance MFB40H12HA
With a compact size of 40mm x 40mm x 10mm, the fan achieves a maximum air performance of 13.2 m3/h. This is a performance increase of about 28% compared to similar models.

Radial fan HY45AB05P – super flat and powerful
The fan is equipped with the durable and reliable Magfix® sleeve bearing. Thanks to the PWM input in combination with the tacho output, the speed can be controlled and monitored. The radial fan can even score with a pressure of 143 Pa.