Lighting technology

Lighting technology

Axial fan lighting technology

Fans for lighting products from SEPA EUROPE

Heat resistant

Fans for applications up to 85°C


High protection against water and dust

Compact design

Small and powerful fans

Cooler for LED and OLED lighting systems

Fans for lighting technology products from SEPA EUROPE

Whenever lighting technology is mentioned, it is always about LED or OLED. The victory of the diode over the incandescent filament has been achieved and also the acceptance by the users has improved more and more in the last years. Stable light colors and high lifetime expectations accompany the low energy requirements of the technology as unbeatable advantages.

However, while the energy superiority of LEDs and OLEDs is virtually self-evident, a great deal must be invested in thermal management to maintain color values and service life. Only well-cooled diodes keep their promises for a long time.

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Active and passive cooling systems
In addition to passive heat sinks, a variety of actively cooled elements are also available. SEPA EUROPE already delivers to its customers fans adapted to the respective application and in two cases also specially water-protected fans.

We are happy to share our experience with other interested parties in order to be a reliable partner for selection, design and serial production.

Customized solutions
The combination of heat sink and fan to so-called active coolers can be seen as the key to success in accomplishing these tasks. Here SEPA EUROPE offers a wide range of individual components that can be combined in a variety of ways. This allows SEPA EUROPE to meet customer requirements in every respect.

Products for lighting systems

LF40B12 – Round high performance fan for LED cooling.
Fans with the usual square dimensions are only suitable for LED cooling to a limited extent. Due to the cylindrical design of many LED lamps, a fan with a round housing is optimal.

Radial fans – super flat and powerful
The radial fans can shine with their compact dimensions of 38x40x5 mm (HY40H05), 54x52x6 mm (HY52A05P) and 45x45x4 mm (HY45AB05P) and have more than earned the name “super flat”.

KA1238XA2 – AC fan for industrial cooling applications
Reliable AC fan for cooling tasks in industrial applications. Can be connected directly to 230 VAC or 115 VAC. Available in all-metal version.
Available as all-metal version with robust housing made of light AlMg alloy all-metal version.
Its standard operating temperature is up to 80°C. Also available as high temperature version with up to 100°C.