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Photovoltaic SEPA EUROPE
Elektronik Industrie 8-9/2023

Active cooling of electronic components and devices used in photovoltaic systems

Active cooling plays a significant role in the utilization of solar energy. In particular the various types of voltage and their conversion from one voltage to another produces power loss. This should not, under any circumstances, result in a system failure. SEPA Europe has many years of experience in supplying the renewable energies industry with its products and supports its customers in their choice, dimensioning and in all issues relating to the cooling of electronic components.

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Fan medical technology
meditronic-journal 11/2022

Fans in medical technology – quiet and reliable

Modern devices used in medical technology are equipped with computer-controlled systems or power electronics, e.g. the computer processor in ventilators or the power electronics in devices used for shock wave therapy. In order to prevent the systems from overheating the generated heat must be dissipated. In the case of suitable cooling solutions reliability plays a significant role but noise is equally important.

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fan electronics cooling
elektronik industrie 11/22

5 tips on how to find the right fan!

All electronic components heat up during operation. Excessive temperatures can however change the properties of the components or even destroy them. If this is no option for you, the following useful tips will help you to find a suitable thermal management and protect the service life of your entire system.

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Polyscope 08/2021

SEPA EUROPE rethinks heat sinks – the 3DQler

SEPA EUROPE und APWorks kooperieren in Form eines gemeinsamen Projektes. The target is to achieve a higher cooling capacity per volume. The result speaks for itself. Thanks to this close cooperation we are in a position to offer tailor-made cooling solutions to a wide range of customers.

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