Company history



From engineering office to European solution provider for electronics cooling

Making a virtue out of necessity was the motto when today’s senior boss Heinrich Cap set up his own engineering office for mechatronics in St. Georgen i.S. in the 1990s.

Thanks to his good contacts, among others in Japan, a close and successful partnership with Nippon Keiki Works Ltd. was established, which continues to this day.

This has resulted in many joint patents to date.

Company headquarters in the Breisgau/Eschbach industrial park since 2015

1990 until today - A success story

2000 - 2010
2011 – 2015
2015 – 2020
At this time, the import of quality fans from the Japanese company Nippon Keiki Works begins, and continues to expand. Nippon Keiki Works became a development partner, based on a very close and friendly cooperation. Heinrich Cap and his company become the general representative for the fans in Europe.

1995 the expansion of the product range takes place. Additional fan brands, fan accessories, dust and EMC filters, AC connection cables and ADC fans, as well as the service area of special solutions for special cooling tasks are added.

At the end of the 90s, the outstanding features of the products: Silent, Efficient, Powerful and Advanced become the company name as an acronym. In 1998, the trademark registration of SEPA follows.
The first product is a SEPA MF40B12 fan in a heat sink for CPUs, which has led to major orders from Austrian automotive supplier AVl and Siemens, Regensburg, among others. The automotive sector became an important submarket for a few years, but was scaled back due to the "non-dependence of an industry".

The economic success of the young company led in 2000 to the transfer of the company headquarters from St. Georgen to the Breisgau metropolis of Freiburg. Only 4 years, 2004 , later the first representation in France was opened. Further representations in Austria, Switzerland and Eastern European countries followed. Dipl. Ing (FH) Robert Cap, the son of the company founder, joins the company. In the same year, the company name is changed. SEPA to SEPA EUROPE .
Robert Cap, the son of the company founder, is appointed as additional managing director and company successor. Due to the increasing product range as well as the diverse services, the company growth accelerates further, with the consequence to look for a larger location.

In 2014, the foundation stone is laid for the new company headquarters in the Breisgau Industrial Park in Eschbach.

In 2015, fittingly for the company's 25th anniversary, the move to the Gewerbepark Breisgau in Eschbach to Hartheimer Straße, the current company headquarters, follows. By doubling the storage capacity, the processes were optimized and the efficiency of the shipping department was increased. The newly equipped and enlarged laboratory area makes it possible to react individually to customer inquiries as well as to carry out quality controls on site.
The growth trend will continue in 2018. The finishing area will be expanded more strongly. These in-house solutions enable a flexible response to customer requests, even for smaller production quantities.

The year 2019 continues to write the company's success story. This year, SEPA EUROPE is launching the world's first - the SEPA RaAxial microfan, a combination of radial and axial fan.

In 2020, the family-run company will celebrate its 30th anniversary. The résumé of both managing directors, foreshadows much for the future.
Robert Cap
Robert Cap is positive about the future: "We're a great team, we've made considerable progress over the last few years and I'm looking forward to the next few years, even though the economy is facing tough new problems at the moment."