Chipcooler HZ25B for inspection cameras


Inspection cameras are used to inspect and analyse damage in pipes. The fan that has been used in the past for this purpose was inadequate and could no longer provide optimum cooling of the electronics. The extremely low overall height presented a challenge.


After performing a detailed analysis, the specialists at SEPA EUROPE decided on the HZ25B. This efficient chip cooler is a combination of a heat sink and a mini fan and is an in-house development of SEPA EUROPE. In order to make a reliable statement, the chip cooler underwent extensive quality tests. Among other things it had to pass both thermal and electrical endurance tests. Thanks to its dimensions of only 25 x 25 x 6.5 mm and weighing a mere 11 g it can be used in applications where space is limited. An added advantage of the extremely flat cooler is not only the highly effective cooling but also its exceptionally low noise level.

The heat sink is made of aluminium and has convincingly low thermal resistance. The integrated micro fan is also equipped with a special, highly durable MagFix® sleeve bearing that is designed for operating temperatures of up to 80°C. A point of particular interest is also the fact that the small fan, that is operated with a voltage of 5V DC, has a power input of only 0.3 W and a service life of 210 000 hours.
The realization of the project was based on many years of experience and knowledge of the cooling of electronics. The customer was able to test the chip cooler sample and was grateful for the competent support provided by SEPA EUROPE.