3 decades of innovative cooling solutions - SEPA EUROPE

Heinrich Cap

“The vision of developing SEPA EUROPE into a successful brand has come true. Today we are an ambitious company with big goals for the coming years, which we would like to implement together with our customers. “

Heinrich Cap
managing Director

Robert Cap

“The constantly changing market of the electronics industry needs adaptability, the willingness to try new things and at the same time partnerships that one can rely on – SEPA EUROPE stands for both goals”

Robert Cap
managing Director

SEPA EUROPE is a specialist in electronics cooling and convinces its customers with a wide range of fans and accessories and is a competent partner when it comes to the development of individual solutions.

Founded in 1990 by Heinrich Cap as an engineering office in St. Georgen, the family company SEPA EUROPE has established itself as a specialist in innovative cooling systems over the past 30 years.

This is what SEPA EUROPE stands for

Constantly expanding product portfolio

The product range includes DC axial fans, DC radial fans, chip coolers, AC / EC fans, micro fans and heat sinks as well as a diverse range of accessories and components. Innovations such as the RaAxial fan, the Eco fan or the Kühligel have steadily expanded it. In addition, SEPA EUROPE has been able to expand its market position in the last three decades by specializing in products such as micro fans or super-flat radial fans.

Customized solutions

In addition to a large standard range of axial fans, radial fans, chip coolers, micro fans and heat sinks, SEPA EUROPE has earned an excellent reputation as an expert in customized cooling solutions. For example, SEPA EUROPE develops tailor-made solutions such as fan / cooling combinations with heat pipes or Peltier elements, ready-to-connect fans with customer-specific wire lengths and plugs as well as completely customer-specific fans.

SEPA Europe innovations

Constantly optimizing cooling systems is one of the most important goals of our company. Minimization of space requirements, weight and noise reduction, variability in size and shape of the heat sink are just some of the many optimization solutions developed by SEPA EUROPE.

SEPA MagFix® warehouse
Like Kühligel®, SEPA MagFix® Lager is a registered trademark of SEPA EUROPE. The modern fans from SEPA EUROPE have a MagFix® plain bearing. Here, the lubricant is prevented from migrating by design, so that stable lubrication is guaranteed over the entire service life. These inexpensive fans equipped with magnetic shaft fixation (MagFix®) can be used over a wide temperature range and are extremely resistant to vibrations and shock.

The SEPA EUROPE-Kühligel® impresses with its long service life and its thermal resistance, which is a remarkable 25% lower than comparable chip cooler models. The heat sink is made of high-purity aluminum and impresses with its low thermal resistance.