Communication technology

Communication technology

Fans for communication technology products from SEPA EUROPE


Noise optimized active cooling


A lot of power

Speed adjustable

Speed control via the input voltage
or a PWM input.

Cooler for digitizing systems in radio, television and streaming

Fans for communication technology from SEPA EUROPE

Technology for communication applications is important wherever audio and video signals are transmitted and processed.

The performance has developed enormously in the last 20 years. The process of digitizing all data is essential for further processing, since radio, television and streaming are all transmitted digitally and thus without loss.

In addition to computing power-intensive digitization, there are many other applications that rely on effective thermal management to function reliably.

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Studio equipment
Special requirements for fans used in studio equipment are clearly an enormous reliability.

SEPA EUROPE offers fans that will provide many years of service even in critical applications. Noise has to be minimized as far as possible, therefore the design of the cooling solution should be done very carefully.

Speed control via the input voltage or a PWM input is particularly recommended here. The maxim is: as good cooling as necessary, as little speed and volume flow as possible.

Customized solutions
The combination of heat sink and fan to so-called active coolers can be seen as the key to success in accomplishing these tasks. Here SEPA EUROPE offers a wide range of individual components that can be combined in a variety of ways. This allows SEPA EUROPE to meet customer requirements in every respect.

Products for communication systems

Kühligel HX40P
The new Kühligel® HX40P impresses with its long service life and its thermal resistance, which is a remarkable 25% lower than the comparable chip cooler model. The LF40P axial fan immediately catches the eye with its unusual rotor geometry. The LF40P axial fan is available in 5V and 12V and has an extremely low noise level.

Radial fans – super flat and powerful
The radial fans can shine with their compact dimensions of 38x40x5 mm (HY40H05), 54x52x6 mm (HY52A05P) and 45x45x4 mm (HY45AB05P) and have more than earned the name “super flat”.

Kühligel® with radial cooler HY45AB05P – super flat and efficient
With an overall height of only 10 mm and a radial fan, the pin heat sink called Kühligel® is a cooling solution with a sensationally low thermal resistance of 0.95 K/W.