Overheating of single board computers

They are small, compact and have astonishing application possibilities – the single board computers.

Since 2019 they have become widely known. They are small, compact and have an astonishing wide field of application. The PCs of credit card size are highly valued not only for their high flexibility and performance but also for their affordability and energy-efficient operation. Inventors, programmers, makers and educational institutions throughout the world are impressed by this development.

However, what happens when a single board computer overheats?

With more complex applications, higher ambient temperatures or unfavourable installations, the temperature of the CPU increases resulting in the processor becoming overheated and in turn damaged.

In this case, active chip coolers can provide a reliable remedy. The cooling specialists of SEPA EUROPEhave tested a CPU without chip cooler and discovered that the temperature increased to a borderline temperature of 80°C. However, after installing the chip cooler HZ25B, the temperature dropped to a moderate 60°C.

The chip cooler HZ25B was developed by SEPA EUROPE and is a smart combination of the Kühligel® and micro fan. The heat sink is made from high-purity aluminium and has a convincing low thermal resistance. The integrated micro fan is also equipped with a special, long-lasting MagFix® sleeve bearing that is designed for operating temperatures of up to 80°C. Thanks to its extremely flat design, the cooler is particularly suitable for the above mentioned application.