Ecology and sustainability have priority at SEPA EUROPE

Ecology and sustainability have priority at SEPA EUROPE

„Climate, ecology and sustainability“ constitute a major issue in all media.

Where does ecology and sustainability begin?

All employees at SEPA contribute to making the company sustainable and in turn leave their ecologically acceptable footprint behind them.

This begins with the sparing use of heating energy, e.g. ventilation for five to ten minutes instead of tilting the windows for hours.

Lighting can also be used in an energy-efficient manner. SEPA EUROPE has installed presence detectors wherever possible to do exactly this. This means that the LED technology that we have installed in virtually all areas is only used when needed.

In so far as it is possible, we have also digitalized our office. We will continue to develop this further so that we can close the gap between legally secure storage and digitalization. We are thus renouncing on unnecessary print-outs which in turn saves paper and reduces the controversial emissions from the laser printer. Standby power mode can also be renounced on as this is virtually only used for convenience purposes and does not offer a real benefit.

SEPA EUROPE has of course given much thought to this issue and although we are not accredited in this sector, we foster our own culture of sustainability. In order to give you an impression of our understanding of this topic we have summarized below our current ideas.

"Ecology and sustainability begins on our doorstep."

Robert Cap, Managing Director SEPA EUROPE GmbH

Climate-friendly energy technologyAt the end of 2021 we installed an addition PV plant with battery storage with which we intend to minimize the purchase of additional electricity.

In the wake of this development we have exchanged some of our company vehicles for electric vehicles which contributes to optimizing the use of the battery-supported PV plant.

The electricity demand that cannot be covered is supplied by a local electricity provider and a corresponding green energy contract. We source our heating energy from local district heating suppliers which means that we can renounce fully on an additional heating plant with fossil fuels.

Responsible packaging
In the meantime there is adequate sustainable packaging on the market but it must be given closer scrutiny. Not all packaging materials are suitable for repeated use. SEPA EUROPE gives careful consideration to this fact. Our major target is to reuse cartons that we receive wherever possible.

Varietal purity with regard to material for cartons and adhesive tape supports this approach as does the multiple use of bubble wrap. We collect incoming, neutral packaging material for reusing the same for delivery.

A disposal concept devised with our disposal provider complements this procedure so that waste materials can be precisely sorted by type for reuse in order to exploit the potential recycling methods.

Storage and logistics
Logistics is a fascinating domain. As we are a company that operates primarily in the trade sector, we are dependent on our logistics partners and their supply routes. We cannot renounce on transportation vehicles, trucks, container ships and airplanes whether for importing or distributing goods.

In this case we can choose our service providers and supply processes. SEPA EUROPE is working intensively on bundling our import procedures. A forward-looking purchase plan enables us to select the most sustainable transport mode while simultaneously not losing sight of the security of supply for the customers. This is not always the most favourable form when speaking of warehousing but it has proved to be feasible and at the same time it ensures the satisfaction of our customers.