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Fans for embedded systems products from SEPA EUROPE

Fans and fan/heat sink combinations from SEPA EUROPE have also been developed for products in the embedded systems sector and play a crucial role in maintaining optimal temperatures for processors, FPGAs and other chips. From state-of-the-art computing devices to industrial automation and IoT applications, SEPA fans quietly and effectively provide cooling for your embedded systems, ensuring maximum performance and longevity. Elevate your technology to the next level with our reliable cooling solutions!

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Video-grabber mit Lüfter SEPA EUROPE

Video grabber

A video grabber is a device that captures digital video streams and sends them to a host system for further processing and storage. An efficient thermal management is vital for the reliability and service life of the system. In this respect SEPA EUROPE’s HFB44B12A chip cooler has without doubt proven its worth.

The HFB44B12A chip cooler is the result of intensive development work. In view of the increasing use of video grabbers, it was necessary to develop not only a reliable but also a powerful thermal management especially for this purpose. The fan/heat sink unit of SEPA EUROPE proved to be the ideal solution. With its compact dimensions (44x44x6 mm) and the light weight (7 g) it can be accurately positioned to achieve effective cooling. Thanks to innovative techniques, the fan noises can be reduced to an absolute minimum.


FPV goggles

Drones are becoming more widely used. The latest trend is FPV racing. The special feature is that the pilot controls the drone via FPV (First Person View). This enables pilots to control the aerial vehicle as if they are sitting directly on it. However, the best equipped goggles have little use if the lenses fog up or the system overheats. SEPA EUROPE’s mini fan MF15B is a great help in dealing with this problem. It is small yet so powerful that the entire hot air can be exhausted from the housing.
The fan requirements for the FPV goggles were extremely high: compact, powerful and quiet. An important factor was to avoid the fogging of the lenses and to disperse the hot air. This project was finally realized using the axial fan MF15B. With its compact dimensions of merely 15x15x4.5 mm and a weight of only 1 g, it was obviously the right choice of fan as it can also guarantee reliable and trouble-free operation.

Raspberry mit Lüfter SEPA EUROPE

Single board computer

They are small, compact and have astonishing application possibilities – the single board computers. The PCs of credit card size are highly valued not only for their high flexibility and performance but also for their affordability and energy-efficient operation. Inventors, programmers, makers and educational institutions throughout the world are impressed by this development. However, what happens when a single board computer overheats? With more complex applications, higher ambient temperatures or unfavourable installations, the temperature of the CPU increases resulting in the processor becoming overheated and in turn damaged. In this case, active chip coolers can provide a reliable remedy. The cooling specialists of SEPA EUROPE have tested a CPU without chip cooler and discovered that the temperature increased to a borderline temperature of 80°C. However, after installing the chip cooler HZ25B, the temperature dropped to a moderate 60°C.

The chip cooler HZ25B was developed by SEPA EUROPE and is a smart combination of the Kühligel® and mini fan MF17B. The heat sink is made from high-purity aluminium and has a convincing low thermal resistance. The integrated RaAxial fan is also equipped with a special, long-lasting MagFix® sleeve bearing that is designed for operating temperatures of up to 80°C. Moreover, the mini fan MF17B can be used either as an axial fan or as a radial fan in combination with a heat sink. This provides numerous possibilities for embedded applications.

Ethernet mit Lüfter SEPA EUROPE

Ethernet Gateway

The gateway bundles and translates the communication that takes place between the individual components and transmits it to the operator of the PV system. In this case System-on-a-Chip (SoC) processors are used that require cooling due to the high transmission rates. The low power loss only accounts for a few watts.
As the gateways are also used in control cabinets, active cooling should also take place here. The most suitable classic chipcooler are those that comprise a fan/heat sink combination that is as well-matched as possible. It is wise to use small case fans with an edge dimension of 20 to 30 mm, e.g. our reliable axial fan MFB25. It ensures effective heat dissipation even in situations with unfavourable thermal installation conditions and high ambient temperatures. The long-term reliability of this central plant part is thus ensured.

Embedded Systeme mit Lüftern von SEPA EUROPE

Customized solutions
The combination of heat sink and fan to so-called active coolers can be seen as the key to success in accomplishing these tasks. Here SEPA EUROPE offers a wide range of individual components that can be combined in a variety of ways. This allows SEPA EUROPE to meet customer requirements in every respect.

Case Studies

Products for embedded systems

The axial fan is equipped with a MagFix® plain bearing and can be used at ambient temperatures between -20 and +85°C. Another plus point is the long service life of the fan at 40°C L10 40000h or MTBF 210000h.

Kühligel® with radial fans – super flat and efficient
With an overall height of only 10 mm and a radial fan, the pin-type heat sink called Kühligel® is a cooling solution with a sensationally low thermal resistance of 0.95 K/W.

Radial fans – super flat and powerful 
The Radial fans can shine with their compact dimensions of 38x40x5 mm (HY40H05), 54x52x6 mm (HY52A05P) and 45x45x4 mm (HY45AB05P) and have more than earned the name “super flat”.