Axial fan mfb40h12

Fans for products used in automation technology by SEPA EUROPE

Axial Fans

The classic axial fan: proven a million times over and powerful

Radial fans

The compact radial fan: super flat and powerful!

Individual solutions

Cooling solutions individually adapted to application and space conditions

Coolers for various components in automation technology

Fans for products used in automation technology by SEPA EUROPE

We are surrounded by industrial automation in many sectors. Unobtrusive yet reliable, the automation components perform their tasks, be it in e.g. the control of lighting systems, luggage handling systems, CNC machines or in building automation technology.

Whether as individual components or in a group, comprising control computer, components for signal processing and drive control, they are usually installed in control cabinets.
To ensure reliable functioning, intelligent thermal management is indispensable.

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Automatisierungstechnik SEPA EUROPE

Processor cooling
The fans of SEPA EUROPE can be found in a variety of products used in automation technology. On the one hand the classical axial fan that has proved itself a million times over, on the other the compact radial fan or fan/heat sink combinations, e.g. in processor cooling.

Customized solutions
The combination of heat sink and fan to so-called active coolers can be seen as the key to success in accomplishing these tasks. Here SEPA EUROPE offers a wide range of individual components that can be combined in a variety of ways. This allows SEPA EUROPE to meet customer requirements in every respect.

Products for automation systems

The chip cooler HZ25B was developed by SEPA EUROPE and is a smart combination of the Kühligel® and micro fan.
The heat sink is made from high-purity aluminium and has a convincing low thermal resistance. The integrated micro fan is also equipped with a special, long-lasting MagFix® sleeve bearing that is designed for operating temperatures of up to 80°C. Thanks to its extremely flat design, the cooler is particularly suitable for the above mentioned application.

Radial Fans – Slimline blowers for embedded systems
The blowers impress with their compact dimensions of 38x40x5 mm (HY40H05), 54x52x6 mm (HY52A05P) and 45x45x4 mm (HY45AB05P) and have more than deserved the name “slimline”.

Kühligel® with HY45AB05P radial cooler – super flat and efficient
In this case pin-fin heat sinks known as Kühligel® that are only 10 mm high together with a radial fan provide a cooling solution with a sensationally low thermal resistance of 0.95 K/W.