Axial fan

SEPA EUROPE fans meet the high demands for aerospace applications

High temperature ranges

The temperature requirements of aviation are met.

Shock resistance

Resistant to shock and vibration

certified fire protection

Tested fire behavior of the materials

For cockpit, passenger entertainment and cargo hold

Fans for aviation technology from SEPA EUROPE

Just as in ground-based transport vehicles, fans in aviation can be found in the cockpit as well as in the passenger or cargo area.

SEPA EUROPE’s fans can be found in selected aerospace applications. High temperature ranges, reliability and mechanical stability are required here as well as fire behavior of the materials.

We will be happy to assist you in selecting the ideal product for your application.

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In the cockpit, powerful fans are used to cool the screens and the electronics installed there. In the control computers, usually below the cockpit, various fan systems are used to cool the computers and the racks.

In general aviation, ventilated tablet racks provide pilots with assurance that the devices will not reduce their performance due to excessive heating, or even shut down.

Passenger entertainment
Nowadays, passengers enjoy extensive, individualized entertainment directly at their seats.

The corresponding electronics for this usually do not do without a fan.

Products for aviation technology

Axial fan with high performance MFB30G
With a very small size of 30 mm x 30 mm x 10 mm, the fan achieves a maximum air performance of 113 l/min. In addition, it offers maximum reliability due to 100% burn-in.

Radial fan LY60B05P
The fan is equipped with the durable and reliable Magfix® plain bearing. It offers a high flow rate of 185 l/min. Further advantages are the integrated reverse polarity and stall protection and the virtually vibration-free running behavior, which it achieves thanks to its low rotor weight and precision balancing.

The universal micro fan: MF17B
With minimal size (17x17x4.5 mm), this fan can be used as an axial fan and also as a radial fan. It is excellent for small battery-powered devices, has high shock and vibration resistance and is
Almost inaudible. For the compact dimensions it offers a high flow rate of 18 l/min.