Renewable energies

Renewable energies

Axial fan mfb50e-05

Fans for renewable energy from SEPA EUROPE


Fans from SEPA EUROPE work efficiently


Reliability and high durability

Water protected

Different IP-classifications

Resource-saving fans for voltage transformers and measuring devices

Fans for renewable energy from SEPA EUROPE

Renewable energies such as solar, wind and hydroelectric power cover an ever increasing share of the urgently needed electrical and thermal energy. Politics and society have long since come to the conclusion that fossil fuels and nuclear power are not viable and sustainable in the long term. For this reason, an entire industry has grown up around the conversion and storage of these forms of energy in recent years.

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Fans for voltage transformers and measuring devices
Collected direct current must be converted into alternating current. Thermal energy must be transported and stored, and the market for electricity storage has also grown since the change in feed-in tariffs.

Many technical systems related to the above-mentioned conversions and storages use different types of fans to dissipate power losses or to air-condition measuring devices.

Resource-saving fans
Fans from SEPA EUROPE work particularly efficiently and thus waste as little as possible of the precious electrical energy that is so valuable for our modern information society.

Products for renewable energy

Axial high performance fan PLB60A
This high-performance fan with a flow rate of 611 l/min is particularly suitable for use in industrial applications. It is characterized by its high resistance to shock and vibration. Due to the low rotor weight and precision balancing, it performs its work practically vibration-free.

KA1725: AC High Performance Fan
Reliable AC fan (connection directly to 115 VAC) for cooling tasks in industrial applications. High flow rate, robust housing made of light AlMg alloy and standard operating temperature up to 80°C distinguish it.

IP protection is available as an option, a plug or license version are available.

HYB35D05 – Flat radial fan
Fan equipped with robust metal frame, its for general tasks. Wide operating temperature range -10 to +70 °C and high shock and vibration resistance characterize it. Equipped with precision ball bearings and burn-in, early failures are virtually eliminated.