Renewable energies

Renewable energies

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Efficient thermal management for renewable energies – a challenge that we take on!

Active cooling plays a significant role in the utilization of solar energy. In particular, the varying types of voltage and their conversion result in power loss. Under no circumstances should this lead to overheating or even the failure of the system. SEPA EUROPE has long years of experience as supplier for the renewable energy sector and supports its customers in the selection, dimensioning and know-how in all matters relating to the cooling of electronics.

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Fan for inverter SEPA EUROPE Renewable Energy


An inverter is an electronic device that plays a key role in the conversion of energy especially as far as  renewable energy sources, e.g. solar energy are concerned. Its main function is to convert direct current (DC) to alternating current (AC). This is important as all households and companies use alternating current for their electrical devices and applications. The conversion of direct current to grid-compliant alternating current however, involves the generation of heat that must be efficiently dissipated to avoid overheating. SEPA EUROPE’s fan systems with intelligent controls are decisive when it comes to adapting the cooling to the operating load. Axial fans of 60 mm to 172 mm that are equipped with PWM are the ideal solution. This is a SEPA EUROPE speciality!

Fan for charging stations SEPA EUROPE Renewable Energy

Charging stations

Charging stations for electric cars are an essential component of the growing infrastructure for electromobility. These stations provide electric cars quickly and efficiently with energy and play a decisive role in promoting sustainable mobility. However, as quick charging stations are equipped with numerous electronic components that include high-performance charge controls, conversion devices and communication units, the high charging performance that is created results in a substantial development of heat. The cooling of electronic components is of vital importance. Numerous projects have already been realized with the reliable axial fan KA1725HA2BMT-Mg. This is an extremely powerful axial fan with a very long lifespan. In addition, a well thought-out cooling solution enables maximum air circulation and heat dissipation that likewise improves the overall performance of the quick charging station.

Fan for ethernet gateway SEPA EUROPE Renewable Energy

Ethernet Gateway

The control and monitoring of the entire PV system is in all cases an indispensable key element. The gateway bundles and translates the communication that takes place between the individual components and transmits it to the operator of the PV system. In this case System-on-a-Chip (SoC) processors are used that require cooling due to the high transmission rates. The low power loss only accounts for a few watts.

As the gateways are also used in control cabinets, active cooling should also take place here. The most suitable classic chip cooler are those that comprise a fan/heat sink combination that is as well-matched as possible. It is wise to use small case fans with an edge dimension of 20 to 30 mm, e.g. our reliable axial fan MFB25. It ensures effective heat dissipation even in situations with unfavourable thermal installation conditions and high ambient temperatures. The long-term reliability of this central plant part is thus ensured.

Fan for pyranometer SEPA EUROPE Renewable Energy

Measuring Instruments/Pyranometer

A pyranometer is special instrument for measuring the global solar irradiance on a horizontal surface. It plays a key role in photovoltaics, meteorology and other applications in which the capturing of solar energy is of significance. The instrument comprises mainly a surface that absorbs the sunlight and a thermocouple that quantifies the heat generated by this absorption.

The precision of the measurements depends on the stable temperature of the instrument. A suitable thermal management is therefore vital. The radial fan HYB35C has proved its worth in this particular case. It achieves a homogeneous distribution of heat and the temperature remains constant in the entire device.

It is important to select fans with specifications that correspond with the requirements of the pyranometer. These include, e.g. air flow, noise level and operating temperature. Furthermore, the thermal management system must be designed to ensure that the pyranometer operates under diverse environmental conditions including extreme temperatures.


Resource-saving fans

When it is a question of environmental awareness, EC fans are the best choice. In order to meet the requirements of diverse applications, SEPA EUROPE has now included Fulltech EC fans of 80 mm, 92 mm, 120 mm and 172 mm in its product range. These new EC fans offer numerous advantages and are used for example in fast-charging stations, control cabinets and LED display panels.

The important difference between EC fans and conventional AC fans is their technology. EC fans have a brushless DC fan with a permanent magnet in the rotor and copper coils in the stator. The commutation is via an IC with a Hall sensor on the PCB. Thanks to this progressive technology the EC fans provide a modern and efficient solution for a wide range of applications as the current consumption is significantly lower when compared with conventional AC fans.

Products for renewable energy sytems

Axial high performance fan PLB60A
This high-performance fan with a flow rate of 611 l/min is particularly suitable for use in industrial applications. It is characterized by its high resistance to shock and vibration. Due to the low rotor weight and precision balancing, it performs its work practically vibration-free.

KA1725: AC High Performance Fan
Reliable AC fan (connection directly to 115 VAC) for cooling tasks in industrial applications. High flow rate, robust housing made of light AlMg alloy and standard operating temperature up to 80°C distinguish it.

IP protection is available as an option, a plug or license version are available.

LY60B12 – Flat radial fan
The demands on thermal management in electronic components are continuously increasing and their cooling remains a key challenge. The new LY60B radial fan by SEPA EUROPE comes at exactly the right time. It operates reliably wherever power is required and space is limited.