Medical and environmental technology

Special solutions for medical and environmental technology

The ideal fan for a feel-good climate

Everyone is talking about air quality. The significance of air quality measurements is increasing steadily whether in industry, in households or in vehicles. The air provides us with a wealth of information: not only temperature and humidity but also VOC mixed gas and CO2 content.

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Fan guards for ventilation systems

The new regulated ventilation in the home from LUNOS stands for more living comfort. The ventilation system is equipped with a fan. Modern high-performance fans operate at high speeds which increase the risk of injury. To enhance safety, SEPA EUROPE offers guards in every required dimension.

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SEPA heat sinks for Peltier technology

Peltier elements are being increasingly employed in a variety of sectors. Their advantages, e.g. precise controllability, long service life, vibration-free and small dimensions are valued not only in medical technology, laser technology, laboratory and analysis techniques but also in the military sector.

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