Radial fan HY45AB05P for blood gas analysis

Radial fan for blood gas analysis

Radial fan HY45AB05P for blood gas analysis

Blood gas analyses are an integral part of standard diagnostics und enable not only the monitoring of the oxygen supply but also the support of the diagnostics. In order to ensure the performance and the reliability of the electronic components in the blood gas analysis devices, the heat must be dissipated away from the device. In many cases however, the available space does not suffice. This is where the radial fan HY45AB05P by SEPA EUROPE comes into play. It fits into the smallest device!

The radial fan type HY45AB05P has proved its worth in medico-technical devices and provides the highest possible cooling capacity in the smallest of space. With its dimensions of a mere 45×4 mm it is ranked as one of the „particularly flat” fans. It was aerodynamically optimized and is pleasantly quiet when in operation. The modern MagFix® bearing prevents the migration of lubricants, guarantees a stable lubrication throughout the entire service life of 210000 hours (MTBF at 40°C) and can thus be used in a wide temperature range.

Medical devices have specific requirements with regard to the cooling of the electronic components and require precision cooling. This is simple thanks to the controllable PWM input as the speed is controlled via an analogue or PWM signal. An additional advantage is the long-term availability.

Smart cooling concepts by SEPA EUROPE can be found in many medical devices of renowned manufacturers. We look forward to assisting you in developing your individual cooling solution.