The ideal fan for a feel-good climate

Everyone is talking about air quality. The significance of air quality measurements is increasing steadily whether in industry, in households or in vehicles. The air provides us with a wealth of information: not only temperature and humidity but also VOC mixed gas and CO2 content. The use of downstream control technology for heating, climate and air conditioning systems means long-term improvement of the air quality in rooms with simultaneous substantial energy savings. Manufacturers should therefore equip their products with the optimum sensor fan.

For this specific application, SEPA EUROPE has extended its range of micro fans to include the radial fan HY20A with the dimensions 20 x 20 x 6.3 mm. The radial fan has air intake on one side and a flow rate of up to 2 l/min. With a sound pressure level of 5dB(A) it is virtually inaudible at a distance of 1m.

As with all micro fans, the HY20A is equipped with the reliable Magfix sleeve bearing and has a service life of 210 000 h (MTBF) and 40 000 h (L10) at 40 °C. Thanks to the tacho output, the speed can be permanently monitored.

The HY20A can also be used for cooling hotspots in embedded applications and thanks to its small dimensions this blower is ideal where installation space is limited.