Development board reliably cooled with the customized HXB65 chip cooler

Development board reliably cooled with the customized HXB65 chip cooler
Lüfter für Development Board SEPA EUROPE

Development Board reliably cooled with the customized HXB65 chip cooler

Development boards are the heart of many modern electronic projects. They serve as a platform for development, testing purposes and implementation of a variety of applications. However, due to their high performance and the increasing complexity of the chips and integrated microprocessors a considerable amount of heat is generated that requires efficient dissipation to ensure that the system functions reliably. SEPA EUROPE’s HXB65 chip cooler is an innovative solution that was specially developed to meet exactly these requirements.

The HXB65 chip cooler comprises a new-generation Powerbloc heat sink and the HFB44B axial fan. The heat sink is made from pure aluminium and thus has an exceptionally high thermal conductivity. In comparison to extruded heat sinks, the thermal conductivity is 30% higher, in comparison to die-cast heat sinks it is even 40% higher. The cooling pins are manufactured by cold forging. The low-waste manufacturing method is simple and economical.

In addition to standard sizes, special shapes can be realized at predictable tool costs, e.g. the base shape can be square or produced according to the customer’s requirements. The maximum size of the base plate is 200×200 mm, with a minimum base thickness of 1mm (flatness ≤ 0.1mm). The maximum possible pin height is 300 mm and the smallest possible pin diameter is ≥1 mm. The Kühligel is available in both blank aluminium or anodized in colour.

The effectivity of the heat sink is increased significantly by screw mounting the fan HFB44B. The chip cooler is easy to install. For example, it can either be attached to the cooling chip using a special thermally conductive adhesive or simply screwed to the board. The fan is connected via a freely selectable connector directly to the development board.

The HXB65 chip cooler was specially developed to meet the customer’s requirements and is the result of intensive work. The extensive tests that have been carried out have provided excellent results.

Test setup
  • Development board: Standard board with a powerful microprocessor.
  • Temperature measurement: Infrared thermometer and integrated temperature monitoring of the board.
  • Operating conditions: Tests carried out when subject to maximum load and in idle state.
Test results
  1. Without cooling: The chip temperature increased rapidly to over 85°C when subject to maximum load which resulted in instability and a decline in performance.
  2. With the SEPA EUROPE chip cooler: The chip temperature remained constant at under 60°C when subject to maximum load which resulted in a stable and efficient performance.
Advantages of the HXB65 chip cooler
  • Highly efficient: Significant reduction of the operating temperature.
  • Easy to install: No complicated installation.
  • Compact: Fits on small and densely equipped boards.
  • Quiet operation: Minimum noise development thanks to high-quality fans.

SEPA EUROPE’s fan/heat sink unit was developed according to customer requirements and has proved to be an ideal solution. With its compact dimensions (44x44x6 mm) and lightweight construction (7 g) it can be accurately positioned to achieve effective cooling. Thanks to innovative techniques, the fan noises can be reduced to an absolute minimum. The fan is equipped with ball bearings and has a lifespan of 350000 hours (MTBF) at 40°C. It can be tailored to the customers’ needs. Parameters, e.g. size, tacho output, operating voltage or pre-assembled connectors can be customized. The fan is available in 5V and 12V.

SEPA EUROPE is renowned for its high-quality products and the HFB44B is no exception. It was manufactured under strict quality control standards and is designed to provide a long-lasting and reliable cooling performance.