Quiet fans by SEPA EUROPE – powerful and reliable

Quiet fans by SEPA EUROPE – powerful and reliable

You are looking for a powerful fan for your application without disturbing noises?

SEPA EUROPE has fans with a noise level from 6 dB(A) upwards. Thanks to our new fan generations with optimized blade geometries our axial fans are not only extremely quiet but also effective.

Quiet fans are available either as axial, radial or RaAxial.


With axial fans, the air flows largely parallel to the rotation axis, in other words in the axial direction and is suctioned in at an angle of 180° in the direction of the rotation axis of the impeller and discharged again. As the motor was integrated in the impeller hub, space can be saved when mounting the fan in the appliance.  Axial fans have a high throughput and are very quiet despite their small dimensions.

If you are looking for particularly quiet fans, then you should decide on sleeve bearing fans with very low speed. SEPA fans equipped with the MagFix® technology develop less structure-borne noise than comparable fans of other designs and types.

Axial fans by SEPA EUROPE with modern blade geometry, e.g. the LF40P fan develop significantly less disturbing air turbulence with the same flow rate due to the distinctive rotor blade cut.

SEPA fans with ball bearings are also extremely smooth running due to their high grade bearing with restricted tolerances and special polished raceway grooves. The axial fans MFB40H05L and MFB4012L with a noise volume of 15 dBA are a good example. In addition to the agreeable noise behaviour, they also have a long service life.


Radial fans are extremely effective over the entire characteristic curve range. They redirect the intake air and blow it out again at an angle of 90°. This ensures a reliable flow rate even with high counter-pressure.

SEPA EUROPE supplies quiet, high performance radial fans with compact dimensions. As the housings of the devices that require cooling are becoming more compact, it is not always possible to accommodate a large fan with low speed due to lack of space. With the consequence that a smaller model has to do the same work at high speed which ultimately results in an increase in noise. The new fan generation of SEPA EUROPE has an answer to this by combining low noise with optimum performance.


Our RaAxial fans are simultaneously axial and radial fans! This means that you can simply choose whether the fan shall be used as an axial fan for ventilating the housing or as a radial fan that is integrated in a heat sink. These practical fans are available in a variety of sizes (17 mm and 40 mm) and are particularly popular for compact applications that should operate quietly. Our „smallest“ RaAxial fan has the dimensions 17x17x 8 mm and a noise level of only 6 dBA.

Chip coolers for effective
thermal management

We can provide active cooling with a low noise level. Over the past years we have continually extended and improved our product range for cooling in embedded systems. Ecological aspects were also given consideration as we were not only able to considerably reduce the power input with the same or improved effect but also significantly reduce the use of expensive raw materials. Noise development was also an important issue, so that we can now offer you chip coolers from 11 dB(A) upwards.

How does a change in speed affect the noise?

It is possible to create a quiet flow rate when running at low speed. A PWM input via which the speed can be adapted to the required cooling performance is ideal for this purpose and ensures that only as much air flow noise is created as is absolutely necessary. An added benefit is that considerable energy can be saved by changing speeds.