What is behind the term MagFix® as used in fans by SEPA EUROPE?

What is behind the term MagFix® as used in fans by SEPA EUROPE?

MagFix® stands for the magnetic fixation (positioning) of the fan propeller and rotor in sleeve bearing fans.


The design structure of the sleeve bearing as used in fans only enables a positioning of the rotor shaft in the radial direction and not in the axial direction. In the case of low-priced products, it is possible that the axial movement of the shaft is restricted by a lock washer that draws the oil out of the sintered sleeve bearing so that sooner or later there is insufficient oil or no oil at all in the sintered bearing.

The result: the fan becomes louder and slower and eventually fails.

By contrast, the MagFix® bearing by SEPA EUROPEcomprises a sleeve bearing for the radial positioning and a so-called thrust bearing for the axial positioning at the top of the rotor shaft. In simple terms, due to an offset of the coils to the magnet or due to a magnetic clamping plate, a force in the axial direction is used to fix the position in the thrust bearing. Hence the bearing shoulders remain free and the oil remains in place.
The result: longer service life, low noise level, higher operating temperature up to 80°C (selected types available up to 85°C)!