Fans with long service life by SEPA EUROPE – powerful and reliable

Fans with long service life by SEPA EUROPE – powerful and reliable

You are looking for a powerful fan with a long service life for your application?

SEPA EUROPE offers a range of fans that have a service life of up to 350000 hours (MTBF at 40 °C). Our long years of experience, sophisticated techniques, high-quality components and stringent quality controls ensure that the fans of SEPA EUROPE meet the high requirements of today’s industry and are in use worldwide.

Fans with a long service life are available as either axial, radial or RaAxial.


In axial fans, the air flows largely parallel to the rotation axis, in other words in the axial direction and is suctioned in at an angle of 180° in the direction of the rotation axis of the impeller and discharged again. As the motor was integrated in the impeller hub, space can be saved when mounting the fan in the appliance. The compact axial fans have a high throughput.

If you are looking for an axial fan with a particularly long service life, then your choice should fall on a ball bearing fan as the bearing system in fans determines to a large extent its reliability and service life expectancy.

Ball bearings are maintenance free and permanently greased with a very wide operating temperature range. Ball bearing fans by SEPA EUROPE have a service life expectancy of 350000 hours (MTBF at 40 °C).

As sleeve bearing technology has advanced over the past years, axial fans with the smart MagFix® bearing can also boast a long service life. The magnetic fixation, the increase in lubricant in the sintered bushing and devices to prevent loss of the lubricant have all been improved. Thanks to these new developments, our sliding bearing systems have a service life expectancy of up to 210000 hours (MTBF at 40 °C).


Radial fans are extremely effective over the entire characteristic curve range. They redirect the intake air and blow it out again at an angle of 90°. This ensures a reliable flow rate even with high counter-pressure.

SEPA EUROPE supplies high performance radial fans with a long service life. The service life can be extended when the intake air comes from outside the device and is as cool as possible. The new radial fan generation by SEPA EUROPE is slim, compact and reliable.


Our RaAxial fans are simultaneously axial and radial fans! This means that you can simply choose whether the fan shall be used as an axial fan for ventilating the housing or as a radial fan that is integrated in a heat sink. These practical fans are available in a variety of sizes and are particularly popular for compact applications demanding reliability. Thanks to its compact size of 17 x 17 x 8 mm, the MF17A05 fan is particularly suitable for handhelds and wearables.

Chip cooler for reliable thermal management

Over the past years we have continually extended and improved our product range for cooling in embedded systems. Ecological aspects were also given consideration as we were not only able to considerably reduce the power input with the same or improved effect but also significantly reduce the use of expensive raw materials. As reliability was also an important issue, we offer chip coolers with a service life of up to 350000 h (MTBF at 40°C). The service life can be extended when the intake air comes from outside the device and is as cool as possible.

Why does the service life largely depend on the operating temperature?

The service life of a fan depends on many factors. However, in order to ensure the functionality and the service life of the electronics, thermal management should be kept in mind during the development stage. If the temperature rises then the risk of temperature-sensitive components failing rises likewise (doubles with a rise in temperature of 10 °C).