Slim line fans by SEPA EUROPE – powerful and compact

Slim line fans by SEPA EUROPE – powerful and compact

You have very little available space but you want to protect your electronic components against heat and yet still achieve a long service life for the entire system?

SEPA EUROPE has a range of flat fans that are just 4.5 mm. As the fan propeller is manufactured from vibration-reducing PBT0GFK, even our flattest of fans can withstand adverse environmental conditions and still remain powerful!

Flat fans are available as either axial, radial or RaAxial.


With axial fans, the air flows largely parallel to the rotation axis, in other words in the axial direction and is suctioned in at an angle of 180° in the direction of the rotation axis of the impeller and discharged again. As the motor was integrated in the impeller hub, space can be saved when mounting the fan in the appliance.  Axial fans can be very small and flat but they nevertheless have a high throughput.

With a thickness of 4.5 to 10 mm the small axial fans still have a flow rate of up to 7.7m³/h. These fans are true power packs and at the same time energy-saving.


Radial fans are extremely efficient over the entire characteristic curve range. They redirect the intake air and blow it out again at an angle of 90°. For this reason they can ensure a reliable flow rate even with high counter-pressure.

The HY45AB radial fan is the correct choice particularly if space is limited yet high performance required. As it achieves a higher pressure than a comparable axial fan due to its construction, it ensures efficient cooling in the smallest of spaces. It is a mere 4 mm thick and is particularly popular for applications in medical technology.

The fan is equipped with the reliable MagFix® sleeve bearing and has a service life of 210 000 h (MTBF) and 40 000 h /L10) at 40 °C.The PWM input in combination with the tacho output enables the speed to be controlled and monitored. It is not obvious at first glance, but the Model HY45AB05P tops with a pressure of 143 Pa.


Our mini RaAxial fan is both an axial and a radial fan! It is therefore simple to choose whether the fan is to be used as an axial fan for the ventilation of the housing or as a radial fan that is integrated in a heat sink. The small yet practical fan measures 17 x 17 mm and is only 4.5 mm thick. It is an extremely popular model for compact applications!

Slimline fans with heat sinks
for more effective thermal management

Fan-assisted cooling can be accommodated even in the smallest space! The new smart combination of Kühligel® and mini fan ensures optimal thermal management. The HZ25B05, with a size of 25x25x6.5 mm finds adequate space even where height is limited and is particularly suitable for applications in embedded computing, e.g. single board computer.