Small fans by SEPA EUROPE – powerful and extremely quiet

Small fans by SEPA EUROPE – powerful and extremely quiet

You have very little available space but you want to protect your electronic components against heat and yet still achieve a long service life for the entire system?

SEPA EUROPE has a range of small fans from 15 x 15 x 4.5 mm. The smallest weighs only 1 g, its housing and impeller are manufactured from PBT30GFK that dampens vibration so that even our flattest of fans can withstand adverse environmental conditions. Despite their small size they still remain powerful!

Mini fans are available as either axial, radial or RaAxial.


With axial fans, the air flows largely parallel to the rotation axis, in other words in the axial direction and is suctioned in at an angle of 180° in the direction of the rotation axis of the impeller and discharged again. As the motor was integrated in the impeller hub, space can be saved when mounting the fan in the appliance.  Axial fans can be very small and flat but they nevertheless have a high throughput.

With dimensions of 15x15x4.5mm to 30x30x10mm, the small axial fans have a flow rate between 0.7m³/h and 7.7m³/h.

In order for such a small fan to achieve the optimum air flow, it is necessary to increase the speed, optimize the blade geometry and improve the inlet and outlet geometry. The optimum interaction of all components enables extremely energy-saving operation.


Radial fans are extremely efficient over the entire characteristic curve range. They redirect the intake air and blow it out again at an angle of 90°. For this reason they can ensure a reliable flow rate even with high counter-pressure. The small radial fan HY20A is especially suitable as a sensor fan. It suctions in the air on one side, has a flow rate of up to 2 l/min. and is only 20 x 20 x 6.3 mm in size. The small fan supplies the sensor in measuring devices with the ambient air and is agreeably quiet thanks to its aerodynamic design.


Our mini RaAxial fan is both an axial and a radial fan! It is therefore simple to choose whether the fan is to be used as an axial fan for the ventilation of the housing or as a radial fan that is integrated in a heat sink. The small yet practical fan measures 17 x 17 mm and is only 4.5 mm thick. It is an extremely popular model for compact applications!

Mini fan with heat sink for enhancing thermal management

Over the past years we have continually extended and improved our product range for cooling in embedded systems. Ecological aspects were also given consideration as we were not only able to considerably reduce the power input with the same or improved effect but also significantly reduce the use of expensive raw materials.

Für passive Kühlung nur mit Kühlkörpern wird meist ein sehr großes Kühlkörpervolumen benötigt. Jedoch fehlt dafür oft der Platz im Gerät. Kühlung mit Lüfterunterstützung findet jedoch auch im kleinsten Raum Platz. 

Fazit: durch aktive Kühlung kann ein Gerät ohne Qualitätsabstriche insgesamt kleiner, leichter und billiger werden.


15 mm or 60 mm?

What difference does the size make?

Generally speaking larger fans are also more efficient thanks to their larger rotor blades. The flow rate of a large fan is often not required and the remarkable performance of a smaller fan suffices. The decisive factor is the individual overall cooling concept. Ask our technicians for the best solution.