Healthy air thanks to sensor fans

Sensor fan medical technology

Healthy air thanks to ambient air monitoring with the aid of sensor fans

Carbon dioxide, fine dust, formaldehyde, soot particles, nitrogen oxides and many more: The air we breathe contains not only oxygen but also numerous different pollutants. Whereas the majority of them are harmless, a high pollution load can result in illness and even chronic diseases. The continuous measurement of the air quality helps in identifying the invisible dangers that are lurking in the breathing air.

In order to analyse the air however, the measuring instruments require a controlled airflow. This is the job of SEPA EUROPE’s sensor fan HY20A. The mini fan that measures a mere 20x20x6.5 mm, supplies the sensor in the device with the ambient air. Thanks to its aerodynamic optimization it is also pleasantly quiet.

SEPA EUROPE’s mini fans are equipped with the reliable Magfix® sleeve bearings and have a service life expectancy of up to 210 000 h. The tacho output ensures that the speed can be continuously monitored.

SEPA EUROPE is the fan specialist with long years of experience and can guarantee the reliable delivery of the fans over a longer period of time.