Fans in switch cabinet construction

Fans in switch cabinet construction

A well-known application of fans can be found in the construction of switch cabinets. The cooling of the cabinet as a whole with intake and exhaust dust protection filter installed in the sides of the switch cabinet or on the roof is one of the most prominent applications that involves the use of fans. So-called fan trays in which several fans are operated simultaneously are used in the cabinet itself and support the convection inside the switch cabinet.

Not only the cooling is significant as far as the switch cabinet is concerned. Depending on the field of application, the air must also be heated to a specific temperature to counteract possible condensation. Depending on the size of the switch cabinet heating a fan is also mounted here on the extruded section so that the heated air can be optimally distributed.

In the vast majority of cases, AC fans are installed. The required mains voltage is already available in the switch cabinet. EC fans that require less energy when operating provide an alternative. Some of these fans are available with a wide-range input from 110 VAC to 230 VAC.

Intake filters are used in order to protect the inside of the cabinet and the installed components against the ingress of airborne dust. These filter components comprise either a plastic frame or grille panel that is screwed or clipped onto the switch cabinet housing via the ventilation opening depending on the type. The outer housing frame has a replaceable filter pad that prevents the ingress of dust. The filters are usually used for the intake and exhaust openings.

Complete filter fan units are the ready-for-connection combination of intake/exhaust filters and the corresponding fan. These assemblies are available in a variety of dimensions and air performance classes.

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