Customer-specific assembly


Pre-assembled cables are already equipped with connectors to enable easy and reliable connection of the fan in the application. Solder connections or spring clips thus become obsolete.

SEPA EUROPE is the perfect partner for realizing your requirements. Thanks to our long years of experience we are in the position to provide you with the necessary support as early as the development stage. We can address your needs and offer our sophisticated services both quickly and at low cost. Pre-assembled standard connectors are usually available at short notice.

Regardless of which connector you require for your fan, we have a wide range of products to choose from. Whether pre-assembled large or small series, simple PCB connectors, special designs with customized labels, PVC or shrink hose, protective hose, labels or markings, different wire lengths or pin assignments, we have experience with all these requirements and can process your orders to meet your requirements – even if time is pressing.

Pre-assembled connectors are available for all fans. Simply select your choice of connector, the wire length and the pin assignment and we do the rest.

Standard connectors are e.g. Molex Picoblade 51021, Molex Micro-Latch 51065, Molex KK und Molex Microfit and the JST PH, JST EH and JST ZH series.

Your advantages

  • Quick and flexible design
  • Extensive range of connectors
  • Consistent quality and design (see sample)
  • Documented tensile testing
  • 100% electrical test for continuity and short circuit
  • Cable assembly with original connectors of renowned manufacturers (e.g. Molex, JST)
  • Approval samples for customers
  • Customer-specific small series/pre-assembled connectors available for orders of just 1 item