How can I fix my fan or chip cooler?

How can I fix my fan or chip cooler?

At SEPA EUROPE you will not only find the required fan to fulfil the requirements of modern high-performance electronics but also numerous possibilities of attaching it. These include mounting rivets, fan sleeves, fixing screws, thermal adhesives and double-sided heat conduction pads to ensure that your fan is securely mounted at all times.

There are different ways of mounting fans:

Fixing Screws
Fans and finger guards are usually mounted with screws. SEPA EUROPE provides an extensive selection of fixing screws for optimum and inexpensive mounting.

The choice of the correct mounting element depends on the structural specifications in the device. Of importance is the fact that the parts that require mounting are easy to screw so that they cannot become loose in the course of time. Quite often an attractive design is also desired.

A variety of PT and TP screws are available ex stock that are particularly suitable for mounting in plastic or metal. The diameters with optimum thread geometry are adapted to the mounting holes of the fan flanges. The screws can be supplied galvanized or black galvanized, with crosshead or Torx head depending on the model and are ideal for automated production. For mounting in aluminium, the screws have a patented anti-friction coating that facilitates screwing. The screws can also be supplied in stainless steel for special requirements.

Elastic Fan Sleeves
With the aid of the elastic sleeves, axial fans can be mounted quickly and securely to mounting plates or housing panels without having to use tools or screws. Not only costs but also assembly times can be reduced.

The fan sleeves are ideal for subsequent installation / retrofitting of existing devices as the plug-in pins can be simply pulled through the existing standard holes in the mounting plate or housing panel without having to change the size of the hole.

The fan sleeves not only form a seal between the suction and the pressure chamber but they also eliminate the transmission of fan vibrations and oscillations to the housing panel. The thus reduced noise development of up to 9 dB is clearly audible. Furthermore, the sleeves protect the fan against jarring impact which in turn has a positive effect on the service life.

Elastic Rivets
The elastic neoprene rubber mounting rivets EAR440 not only ensure that the fan is securely attached to the housing but they also reduce the noise level to a minimum. The vibrations and the subsequent noise development can be reduced by up to 10dB(A). Handling is made even easier thanks to the optimized, ageing-resistant rubber compound. The standard fans can be easily mounted and dismantled by simply plugging together. The mounting rivets are suitable for fans with flange and mounting holes of 4.0 – 4.6 mm.

Thermal Conductive Adhesive
HERNON 746 is an excellent thermally conductive two-component adhesive with extremely fast curing. It offers effective thermal bonding of electronic components to heat sinks. The material has an outstanding bonding property so that mechanical devices are no longer required. The adhesive comprises a paste-like adhesive and a fluid activator. The components are not mixed. Apply a small amount of the adhesive to the surface to be bonded and the activator to the other bonding surface. Press together to bond. Necessary corrections can be made within 15-30 seconds. The bond is secure after 5 minutes at room temperature and is fully cured within 24 hours.

Typical applications include the bonding of heat sinks and chip coolers.
The thermal conductivity of the fixture is >0.76 W/m*K and remains unchanged even during permanent use at operating temperatures between -55 and +150°C likewise the technical properties, e.g. shear strength of 5.5 N/mm2, tensile strength of 15.2 N/mm2 and the thermal expansion coefficient of 110 ppm/K.

Thermal Conductive Pad
TCT35/TCT42, a double sided adhesive tape, provides an effective thermal interface between electronic component and heat sinks. The tape has high thermal conductivity and exceptional bonding properties –eliminating the need for thermal grease and mechanical fasteners.

It consists of a thermal conductive acrylic sheet, loaded with oxide particles and coated on both sides with an adhesive film carrier. The foil feature conjunct excellent adhesive force and best thermal conductivity. TCT conductive tapes are shielded on both sides with a protective layer who will remove easily before using.

Extensive testing has shown that TCT35/TCT42 tapes provides thermal and mechanical results superior to those of flat thermal tapes. TCT tapes offer excellent thermal, mechanical, environmental and chemical properties. Vibration testing at 10 g shows no adverse effects. Unlike traditional acrylic pressure-sensitive tapes, after extended temperature/humidity aging and harsh conditions, TCT tapes meet or exceed initial properties for shear strength and thermal conductivity.