SEPA heat sinks for Peltier technology

Peltier elements are being increasingly employed in a variety of sectors. Their advantages, e.g. precise controllability, long service life, vibration-free and small dimensions are valued not only in medical technology, laser technology, laboratory and analysis techniques but also in the military sector.

To achieve an efficient Peltier cooling, an optimum heat output is necessary on the warm side of the Peltier element. For this purpose, SEPA EUROPE offers a series of flat heat sinks that are equipped with durable fans for improving the cooling capacity. The heat sinks can be installed without difficulty with a thermally conductive adhesive pad (TC) or with a fast curing thermally conductive glue (Hernon). The standard dimensions of the special heat sinks range from 25x25x6.5 mm to 50x50x20 mm, with integrated or axially mounted fans for 5 or 12 VDC and low power input. Customer-specific dimension are also possible.