Fan guards for ventilation systems

Fan guards for ventilation systems

The new regulated ventilation in the home from LUNOS stands for more living comfort. The ventilation system is equipped with a fan. Modern high-performance fans operate at high speeds which increase the risk of injury. To enhance safety, SEPA EUROPEoffers guards in every required dimension.

The well-designed guards of SEPA EUROPE are not only extremely stable but also improve the appearance of each fan. The high-quality surface (chrome-plated, powder-coated, zinc-plated or pure stainless steel V2A or V4A) stands for a longer service life and extensive protection against corrosion. We perfect the product with excellent finishing and a flawless surface without sharp edges.

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Additional advantage: The guards of SEPA EUROPE are aerodynamically optimized so that the fans can operate with optimum efficiency.

A further advantage is the simple mounting by screwing to the fan. It is not absolutely necessary to mount the finger guards directly on the fan as they can also be mounted directly on the fan housing irrespective of the size.

The standard guard sizes are available in 25 mm to 220 mm diameter in chrome-plated steel. Each required dimension is available in correspondingly large numbers.

SEPA EUROPE can offer maximum delivery reliability for the guards as standard guards are as a rule available immediately in large numbers ex stock.