Axial fans

What is an axial fan anyway?

In axial fans, the air is sucked in and expelled again at an angle of 180° in the direction of the impeller’s axis of rotation. The impeller has a blade arrangement similar to an aircraft propeller. It is a simple and effective way to dissipate heat in electronic equipment.

Axial fans are used wherever high volume flows (air volumes) are required in conjunction with low pressures (resistances that have to be overcome).

At SEPA EUROPE you will find a wide range of axial fans.

New fan generation LF40P

One of the most popular SEPA EUROPE fans is the axial fan with the dimensions 40x40x10 mm and the popular Magfix® sleeve bearing.

It underwent complete revision and further development. The new fan generation is known as the LF40P and the fan blades deliver significantly more power with the same level of noise.

The new fan generation LF40P combines optimum noise and performance values with its new and somewhat unconventional blade geometry. The considerably higher number of blades enables not only a higher flow rate but also a lower level of noise with the prior flow rate. The high number of rotor blades has aerodynamic disadvantages in the pressure ratios of the blades to one another. The so-called „pressure gap“ provides the necessary compensation of the pressure ratios so that the performance of the otherwise relatively closely positioned rotor blades is optimized.

LF stands for laminated fan and describes the motor design with stator lamination. This enables the fan to operate highly effectively and nevertheless save weight.

Axial fan blade geometry

The hub of the 40 mm model has been deliberately kept as small as possible. This means that there is less „dead space“ in the centre and it is even easier to aerodynamically optimize the longer rotor blades. The optimization is immediately noticeable. The blades are elegantly shaped with a cut at the ends. This cut prevents the blade during rotation from being hit by the air turbulence of the previous blade and in turn from achieving its own airflow performance.

When comparing it with the previous model of equal size a performance plus of 25% can be observed with the same noise level. Moreover the fan and the speed can be adapted to the required cooling performance via a PWM input which means that only as much noise as absolutely necessary is generated to operate the equipment reliably.

Small axial fans by SEPA EUROPE – Cooling concepts for limited designed spaces

With dimensions from 15x15x4.5mm to 20x20x8mm, flow rates of axial fans are between 0.6m³/h and 2.2m³/h.

In order for such a small fan to convey the optimum amount of air, we had to increase the speed, optimize the blade geometry and improve the inlet/outlet geometry. The optimum interaction of all relevant components enables power-saving operation.

Our smallest model measures 15x15x4.5 mm and weighs only approx. 1 g thanks to the housing and fan propeller that are made of vibration-reducing glass fibre reinforced plastic. This enables the mini fans to withstand adverse environmental conditions. The operating temperature is between -10°C and 80°C.

PLB60B – a powerful upgrade

Based on the axial fan series MFB60B that has been extremely successful for many years on the market, SEPA EUROPE is now presenting a powerful upgrade with its PLB60B series.

The fans of the PLB60B series, with the dimensions 60x60x15 mm have an optimized blade geometry that enables a maximum flow rate of 28 m³/h. The new SEPA fans set new standards in their class and are suitable for reliable CPU cooling in a broad range of applications.

The robust ball bearing system guarantees a long service life of 70.000 h L10 and 350.000 h MTBF at 40 °C and ensures a safe and smooth operation over many years.

The fail-safe axial fans are available in the operating voltages 5, 12 and 24.  A PWM input with which the speed can be adjusted according to requirements is an available option.

New Generation RaAxial fans

Even the micro fan MF17B05 from the RaAxial range was a true innovation simply because it can be used not only as an axial fan but also as a radial fan. The micro fan has now a „big brother“– the LF40E05.

The LF40E05 provides numerous possibilities for embedded applications. It can be used either as an axial fan with integrated finger guard or as a radial fan in combination with a heat sink. Together with a matching Kühligel® the flat cooling units have a height of approx. 12 mm. In other words, they are ideal for compact applications.

In order to achieve the optimum size and heat dissipation, customized dimensions and shapes can be realized.

Axialfan LF40E05

The new model with its 0.15 W power input during operation, is extremely economical with regard to its diverse application possibilities. And that’s not all, the new RaAxial fan has aerodynamically optimized blades that have a significant effect on the noise behaviour. The LF40E05 is thus exceptionally quiet. Thanks to the tried and tested MagFix® system, the LF40E05 is a reliable fan with a service life of 350 000 h (MTBF).

Axial fan LF40J for high temperatures

As the need for fans that are used in applications subject to high temperatures is constantly on the increase, SEPA EUROPE has presented its latest sleeve bearing fan LF40J equipped with MagFix® technology that can be used for operating temperatures up to 85°C. This fan is not only available in the standard sizes but also as a tailor-made solution.

With the high operating temperature of up to 85°C, this innovative fan generation by SEPA EUROPE opens up a wide range of new applications for the user, not least the automotive sector. The term MagFix® stands for magnetic fixation (positioning) of the fan propeller/rotor in sleeve bearing fans.

Thanks to the use of highly precise and reliable sintered sleeve bearings, it was possible to intelligently solve the problem of the considerable increase in the operating temperature. A special feature of this bearing technology is not only the treatment with thermally stable lubricants but also the magnetic pull that enables smooth running in all installation positions.

A special feature of this bearing technology is not only the treatment with thermally stable lubricants but also the magnetic pull that enables smooth running in all installation positions. An additional feature of the fans is the extraordinary high life expectancy of 210.000 h (MTBF). Many of the extremely robust and durable high-temperature fans are available as standard models, however they can be adapted accordingly to meet the individually required parameters (size, tacho output, PWM input, input voltage, connector assembly).

Chipcooler HXB40FGK

Inspired by customer inquiries, SEPA EUROPE has developed a new, modular assembly for the efficient cooling of chips. The core component is a SEPA axial fan that is mounted on a 40 mm pure aluminium heat sink – a so-called Kühligel®.  It is equipped with a finger guard and a double-sided adhesive heat pad for screwless mounting on the housing or inside the device.

Thanks to the compact design, the light weight and the screwless mounting, this assembly enables accurate positioning and thus effective cooling of the hot spot. The chip cooler HXB40FGK is equipped with a high precision ball bearing and can be used at ambient temperatures between -10 and +85 °C thus opening up a wide range of application possibilities. A further advantage is the long service life of the fan with 350 000 h (MTBF) at 40°C.

Chipcooler HXB40FGK

The chip cooler assembly HXB40FGK is supplied as a standard component. It can however, be customized. Parameters, e.g. size, tacho output, PWM input, operating voltage or connector assembly, can be specially tailored by SEPA EUROPE to meet the requirements of the customers.