Radial fans by SEPA EUROPE

Radial fans by SEPA EUROPE

Blowers by SEPA EUROPE

Cooling with blowers by SEPA EUROPE is child’s play and simply because they are excellent in overcoming obstacles. In this particular case by overcoming frictional resistance because radial fans suction in the air and blow it out again at a 90°angle°. They are thus in the position to provide a high flow rate even in the event of high pressure loss. You can find these intelligent components at SEPA EUROPE in a variety of sizes and for use in different sectors, e.g. medical technology, embedded systems, automation technology and in control cabinets.

Slimline blowers for embedded systems

Three extremely small and slim fan models.
The blowers impress with their compact dimensions of 38x40x5 mm (HY40H05), 54x52x6 mm (HY52A05P) and 45x45x4 mm (HY45AB05P) and have more than deserved the name “slimline”. All fans are equipped with the reliable Magfix sleeve bearings and have a service life of 210 000 h (MTBF) and 40 000 h /L10) at 40 °C.


The PWM input in combination with the tacho output enables the speed to be controlled and monitored. It is not obvious at first glance, but the Model HY45AB05PNK00A tops with a pressure of 143 Pa.

Radial fans in the sizes 50 mm to 120 mm 

The environment aspect is becoming more important and the demand for energy-saving components is on the increase.
When it comes to the question of electronics cooling, SEPA EUROPE can meet the growing market requirements as the new radial fans of ADDA have an unbeatable energy efficiency due to their EC motor (EC = electronically commutated). In the case of devices with a high operating time, a change is definitely worthwhile as energy costs can hence be reduced.

The economical radial fans are available in different sizes from 50 mm to 120 mm and are equipped with double sealed ball bearings. They are suitable where a low noise level is required and space is limited. The extremely robust fans are available with a tacho and PWM input and have an unbelievable service life expectancy of 400 000 h (MTBF).
Thanks to their special characteristics, these fail-safe radial fans are frequently used as case fans for control cabinets or in medical technology (ventilation technology). They are also often found in embedded systems, in the automobile industry or in automation technology. Our experts at SEPA EUROPE can provide you with a variety of sustainable solutions and give you active support with the selection and design-in.

Minifans of radial construction for sensor technology

The significance of air quality measurements whether in industry, households or in vehicles is constantly increasing. Manufacturers therefore, should equip their applications with the optimal sensor fan and in this respect SEPA EUROPE is exactly the right partner!

SEPA EUROPE has complemented its range of microfans with the radial fan HY20A with the dimensions of 20 x 20 x 6.3 mm. The air intake of the radial fan which is on one side is 2 l/min and with a sound pressure level of 5dB(A) at a distance of 1m, it is virtually inaudible.
As is the case with all microfans, the HY20A is equipped with the reliable Magfix sleeve bearing and has a service life of 400 000 h (MTBF) or 50 000 h (L10) at 40°C. The tachometer output constantly monitors the speed at which the fan is running.
The HY20A is also an interesting solution for the cooling of hot spots in embedded applications. This compact blower ensures that optimal use is made of limited installation space.

Blower expecially for small spaces

SEPA EUROPE has developed a powerful active cooler specially for compact designs. It is as small as a matchbox and has a thermal resistance of a mere 2.5 K/W. The ultra-flat radial fan can be combined with varying heat sinks for customized solutions.

Chip cooling with the aid of heat sinks usually requires a lot of space and is not only heavy but also expensive. The specialists at SEPA EUROPE have developed a chip cooler with minimum space requirements for compact designs. The core component of the compact cooler is the ultra-flat blower HY40H that is combined with a Kühligel® of pure aluminium. The special feature of the new cooling solution is its variability which means that the size and shape of the heat sink can be freely chosen. Users can thus assemble the cooler to optimally fulfil their requirements.
With a thermal resistance of a mere 2.5 K/W, the new chip cooler withstands a power dissipation of up to 15 W and in doing so guarantees the operational safety of the entire embedded system. The blower is equipped with the highly durable Magfix® sleeve bearing and has an impressive service life expectancy of von 210 000 h (MTBF) at 40 °C. Thanks to the PWM input combined with the tacho output the speed can be both controlled and monitored.
The lightweight compact cooling unit is easy to attach using the double-sided adhesive thermal conductive foil TCT or the thermally conductive two-component adhesive HERNON 746. Both are available from SEPA EUROPE’s wide product range.

Slimline and efficient cooling solution

In many applications with high-performance FPGAs power dissipation occurs (>30W) but yet there is very little space above the chip to ensure adequate cooling. The existing space must therefore be used as effectively as possible. In this case pin-fin heat sinks known as Kühligel® that are only 10 mm high together with a radial fan provide a cooling solution with a sensationally low thermal resistance of 0.95 K/W.

Blowers with heat sink

In this case pin-fin heat sinks known as Kühligel® that are only 10 mm high together with a radial fan provide a cooling solution with a sensationally low thermal resistance of 0.95 K/W.
The distinguishing features of the pin-fin heat sink „Kühligel®“ are its low production costs and high effectivity, the same applies to the renowned blower HY60Q05P. This is supplied with a tacho, PWM input and the long-lasting Magfix bearing technology. The heat sinks can be adapted in all parameters (size, pin space, thickness of the base plate, height of the pins) whereby it is important to reach the right compromise between the longest possible pins and a base plate that is not too thin. The base plate not only acts as a support for the pins and should therefore not bend easily, but it is also the heat spreader that draws the heat into the surface and thus distributes it over a wide area. In other words: the larger the surface, the better the cooling effect.

Mini fan radial and axial

Innovative RaAxial fan complements the SEPA micro fan series

The fan and cooling specialist SEPA EUROPE unveils a true innovation this year: The RaAxial fan. This created term is a combination of the words radial and axial. The microfan with its dimensions of 17x17x4.5mm is ideal for compact, embedded applications and offers numerous possibilities.

E.g. as an axial fan for the ventilation of housings or as a radial fan for blowing air onto the heat sink. A tailor-made „Kühligel®“ has already been developed for the latter which makes the cooling of hotspots child’s play when space is limited.
Reliability has top priority at SEPA EUROPE. For this very reason the new fan is equipped with the tried and tested Magfix® bearing system. The life expectancy at 40 °C is 210 000 h (MTBF) or 40 000 h (L10).