Chipcoolers of the HXB series

Chipcoolers of the HXB series

Compact chip coolers achieve the maximum flow rate with low operating current

The chip cooler of the HXB series is the latest addition to the SEPA® delivery program of active coolers. The ball bearing fans suction in the air pulling it downward and distribute it with optimum cooling over the heat sink. The models HXB25B12 (25 mm × 25 mm × 15 mm), HXB30E05/12 (33 mm × 33 mm × 19.5 mm), HXB40H05/12 (40 mm × 40 mm × 20.5 mm) and HXB50E05/12 (50 mm × 50 mm × 20.5 mm) are available with operating voltages of 5 V or 12 V. The latest generation of coolers achieves a high flow rate with extremely low input. The HXB50E12 for example has a thermal resistance of 1.2 K/W with a typical operating current of 60 mA. In addition to the flow rate, the computer-supported development of the blade geometry also optimised the development of noise. For example, the noise level of 17 dB(A)@1 m is extremely low for the HXB25E12 with a typical rotor speed of 11.000 min-1. The fan speed can be monitored with a tacho output that is optionally available for every model.

The chip coolers owe their long life expectancy of 75000 / 210000 h (L10 / MTBF at 40 °C) to the elect ronically commutated motor whose motor winding is controlled by a special IC. The reliability of the cooler at operating temperatures between -10 and +80 °C is achieved by the 100% burn-in.

The models of the HXB series are used for cooling LEDs and IPCs in the electronics industry and medical technology. For this purpose, they can be mounted using either the highly efficient heat conduction pads of the TCT series or the thermally conductive two-component adhesive HERNON 746, which can also be obtained from SEPA®.