SEPA mini fans

Mini fan

Cooling concepts for limited designed space by SEPA EUROPE

To meet the requirements of modern, high-performance electronics, SEPA EUROPE can provide you with the right fan offering compact dimensions, high air output and static pressure.

SEPA EUROPE sets new standards in efficiency and variability
With dimensions from 15x15x4.5mm to 20x20x8mm, flow rates of axial fans are between 0.6m³/h and 2.2m³/h. In order for such a small fan to convey the optimum amount of air, we had to increase the speed, optimize the blade geometry and improve the inlet/outlet geometry. The optimum interaction of all relevant components enables power-saving operation.

Our smallest model measures 15x15x4.5 mm and weighs only approx. 1 g thanks to the housing and fan propeller that are made of vibration-reducing glass fibre reinforced plastic. This enables the microfans to withstand adverse environmental conditions. The operating temperature is between -10°C and 80°C.

Quiet mini fan
The noise level of this small power pack is nevertheless very low and never exceeds 20dB(A). Even the power consumption is kept to a minimum. 1/4 watt suffices and 1/2 watt is not exceeded. Areas of application include sensors and the cooling of smaller processors where space is limited.

Long service life
The service life values measured at 40°C, are very high at 400000 hours.

Mini fans from SEPA EUROPE are equipped with MagFix® sleeve bearing

MagFix® stands for the magnetic fixation (positioning) of the fan propeller and rotor in sleeve bearing fans.

The MagFix® bearing by SEPA EUROPE comprises a sleeve bearing for the radial positioning and a so-called thrust bearing for the axial positioning at the top of the rotor shaft. In simple terms, due to an offset of the coils to the magnet or due to a magnetic clamping plate, a force in the axial direction is used to fix the position in the thrust bearing. Hence the bearing shoulders remain free and the oil remains in place.

The result: longer service life, low noise level, higher operating temperature up to 85°C!

Mini fans of radial construction
Radial fans by SEPA EUROPE for new areas of application.

The significance of air quality measurements whether in industry, households or in vehicles is constantly increasing. Manufacturers therefore, should equip their applications with the optimal sensor fan and in this respect SEPA EUROPE is exactly the right partner!


SEPA EUROPE has complemented its range of small fans with the radial fan HY20A with the dimensions of 20 x 20 x 6.3 mm. The air intake of the radial fan which is on one side is 2 l/min and with a sound pressure level of 5dB(A) at a distance of 1m, it is virtually inaudible.

The HY20A is also an interesting solution for the cooling of hot spots in embedded applications. This compact blower ensures that optimal use is made of limited installation space.

The new model on the fan market
The new RaAxial mini fan by SEPA EUROPE is the latest release on the fan market and a true innovation! The question is whether axial fan or radial fan? And the answer is: both! This all-rounder has a dimension of 17x17x4.5 mm and is the perfect solution for compact embedded applications.


A further novelty is the smart combination of a Kühligel® and a very small fan for achieving optimum thermal management. The HZ25B05 with its dimensions of 25x25x6.5 mm can be installed even in flat applications and is a convincing solution for applications in the embedded computing sector, in particular for single board computers.