30 years of innovative cooling solutions

30 years of innovative cooling solutions
SEPA EUROPE Lüfter 30 Jahre

SEPA EUROPE is a specialist for electronics cooling and convinces its customers with its wide range of fans and accessories and is furthermore a competent partner when it comes to the development of customized solutions. For SEPA EUROPE 2020 is a very special year because it is celebrating its 30th anniversary and the family-owned enterprise can look back on a remarkable success story.

Although the company anniversary celebration was postponed for better days to come, the date remains unaltered. 30 years ago, Heinrich Cap launched the compact SEPA fans on the European market and thus laid the foundation stone for today’s SEPA EUROPE GmbH. The product portfolio has since been continuously expanded to include innovations such as the RaAxial fan, the Eco fan or the “Kühligel”. SEPA EUROPE was also able to further expand its market position over the last three decades by specializing in products, e.g. micro fans or slimline radial fans.

„30 years presence on the market is proof that we have a healthy balance between growth and stability“ says Robert Cap. „The ever-changing market of the electronics industry
demands adaptability, the readiness to try something new and at the same time partnerships that you can rely on.“

Both Managing Directors, Heinrich and Robert Cap thank not only their customers, suppliers and partners for their cooperation over the last 30 years, but also all their employees. „To found a company means giving it a base and roots to build on but to develop it to a successful enterprise requires a committed team“.

The founder, Heinrich Cap looks back proudly on the last 30 years: „The vision of developing SEPA EUROPE to a successful brand has been fulfilled. Today, we are an up-and-coming company with ambitious goals for the coming years and we would like to achieve them together with our customers.“