Silicone-free, silver-containing thermal paste with 9 W/mK

Silicone-free, silver-containing thermal paste with 9 W/mK
01.10.2015 - Silikonfreie, silberhaltige Wärmeleitpaste mit 9 W:mK

SEPA EUROPE, based in the Breisgau industrial park near Eschbach, has added a new SWP9 thermally conductive paste to its range. The new paste scores particularly well due to the silicone-free material, which contains over 85% thermally conductive filler, with a thermal conductivity of 9 W/mK. In addition to micronized silver, zinc oxide, aluminum oxide and boron nitride are used.

The electrically non-conductive, paste-like material is excellent to process. The temperature-stable heat transfer paste can be used in long-term applications from -50°C up to +130°C. In the short term, the heat transfer material can also be loaded up to approx. 180°C. The average particle size of the thermally active materials is 5µm.

Heat transfer paste SWP9 is available from a 3.5 ml syringe or as a 10 ml syringe, an ideal size for retail or mail order. For OEM customers, package sizes of 25/50/100 ml syringes or 1Kg cans are available. The density of the very efficient thermal paste SWP9 is 4.1 g/cm3. This means that the range of a 3.5g syringe of SWP9 and a layer thickness of 30 µm is approx. 250 cm2. Thermal paste is often used in conjunction with small components to be cooled, for example in processors and power electronics components, to improve heat transfer from the component to the heat sink. This is particularly significant if the component to be cooled has a large thermal power loss (heat dissipation) per area.