Plug-in fan sleeves for quick, screwless assembly

Plug-in fan sleeves for quick, screwless assembly
26.05.2014 - Steck-Lüftermanschetten für die schnelle, schraubenlose Montage

SEPA® has extended its range of plug-in fan sleeves Type SLM. The sleeves made of elastic material are thus available for fans with a mounting flange in the dimensions 30 mm x 30 mm to 120 mm x 120 mm.

With the aid of the elastic sleeves, axial fans can be mounted quickly and securely to mounting plates or housing panels without having to use tools or screws. Not only costs but also assembly times can be reduced. The fan sleeves are ideal for subsequent installation / retrofitting of existing devices as the plug-in pins can be simply pulled through the existing standard holes in the mounting plate or housing panel without having to change the size of the hole.

The fan sleeves not only form a seal between the suction and the pressure chamber but they also eliminate the transmission of fan vibrations and oscillations to the housing panel. The thus reduced noise development of up to 9 dB is clearly audible. Furthermore, the sleeves protect the fan against jarring impact which in turn has a positive effect on the service life.

The flammability of the plug-in fan sleeves made from black TPE with an approx. 70° Shore A comply with UL 94-V-0. The average delivery time is two weeks.