New finger guards complement the range of accessories

New finger guards complement the range of accessories
20.02.2014 - Neue Schutzgitter erweitern das Zubehör

SEPA® offers an extensive range of accessories for its axial/radial fans and chip coolers. These accessories include components for mounting purposes, e.g. noise-reducing mounting elements, heat conduction pads or thermally conductive adhesives, e.g. HERNON 746. Not only AC connecting cables, voltage transformers, temperature controllers and speed controls that are required to optimally operate the vast number of fans are available but also a wide range of guards: Various finger guards that are also available in special versions, plastic and dust-proof grids as well as EMC protective shields. This range of components has now been extended to include the new finger guards that are equipped with a center cover (FGAxx and FGBxx).

The special metal guards that are currently available for the standard fan dimensions 80 mm × 80 mm, 92 mm × 92 mm and 135 mm × 135 mm, are made from chrome plated steel wire and have a chrome plated center cover. With their height of 4.7 mm (FGAxx) and 5 mm (FGBxx) they require a minimum of space. SEPA® offers the guards in packaging units of 100 pieces and can also supply models for other sizes of fans.
We can of course realize customer-specific module solutions for the mounting of connectors or heat sinks. SEPA® your fan specialist will be glad to advise you.

We request a specimen copy on publication.