230V axial fans with magnesium rotor guarantee long service life

230V axial fans with magnesium rotor guarantee long service life
05.12.2013 - Axiallüfter 230V mit Magnesiumrotor garantiert lange Lebensdauer

Control cabinets, refrigerated display counters or welding equipment place enormous demands on the temperature range and service life. SEPA EUROPE can offer the appropriate solution with the AC fan KA1238XA2BMT-Mg.

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient fan then the 230V axial fan is just the thing. Thanks to its high-quality ball bearing and fan rotor made from magnesium, the KA1238XA2BMT-Mg has a service life of 350 000 hours at 40° C (MTBF).

The innovative magnesium rotor is manufactured in a complex casting process. Although the process is more extensive than injection moulding, it offers more advantages, e.g. the heat generated by the fan motor can be dissipated considerably better via the metal rotor and remains cooler. This means less stress on the insulation and an increase of the ball bearing service life. The rotor has a black powder coating which is also a further improvement as the powder-coated surface of the frame is smoother and thus less sensitive than the otherwise painted surface.

The AC fanKA1238XA2BMT-Mg is not only a popular model due to its efficiency and long service life but also because of its wide temperature range. It can be operated reliably at temperatures from -40°C to 80°C. Not without good reason is this one of our favourite models!

We have the appropriate model for every purpose with dimensions ranging from 60 to 250 mm. Klick the button for more information.