Thermally conductive adhesive achieves a strong bond after four minutes

Thermally conductive adhesive achieves a strong bond after four minutes
23.01.2013 - Wärmeleitender Kleber erreicht handfeste Verbindung nach vier Minuten

The SEPA® range of accessories now includes the thermally conductive adhesive HERNON 746. This adhesive together with the activator EF37173 produces a high-impact bond after a mere four minutes. The adhesive and activator no longer need mixing for bonding parts and components. Simply apply a small quantity of the adhesive to the surfaces to be bonded and the activator to the other bonding surface. Full curing is achieved within 24 hours at room temperature, corrections can be made within 15 to 30 seconds after applying.

The two-component adhesive bonds heat sinks to components and parts, and securely bonds the latter not only to vertical cooling surfaces but also to metallic housing surfaces and side panels. Typical applications include the bonding of transformers, transistors, microprocessors and other heat generating components, e.g. LED chips on PCBs or coolers. The thermal conductivity of the fixture is >0.76 W/m*K and remains unchanged even during permanent use at operating temperatures between -55 and +150°C likewise the technical properties, e.g. shear strength of 5.5 N/mm2, tensile strength of 15.2 N/mm2 and the thermal expansion coefficient of 110 ppm/K.

HERNON 746 has a shelf life of min. three years at a storage temperature of 22 °C and is available in 4, 10 and 25 ml. tubes. The activator EF37173 is available in 10ml or 52ml bottles with brush cap.