04.11.2011 - ADC-LÜFTER

ADC-fans manufactured by KAKU, are new in the product range of SEPA Europe GmbH. They are a smart combination of DC fan and fully integrated AC/DC converter. Actually they are available in the sizes of 80x80x25mm, 92x92x25mm, 120x120x25mm, 120120x38mm and 172x150x51mm and several rotor speeds. Their application is the replacement of previous AC-fans if no DC-voltage is available, by simultaneous reducing the power consumption to about 1/3 of the original consumption. Due to the favourable price and by saving electrical power the amortisation of the fan cost is possible within few years only. Furthermore the reduced inner temperature rise results in a longer service life. For the first time a replacement of the previous AC-fans is possible without limitation, as KAKU-ADC-fans have identical dimensions – including the thickness. ADC-fans, equipped with ball bearings, have a wide-range input and can be connected without adaption at many AC voltage networks.