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Radial fans in the sizes 50 mm to 120 mm

The environment aspect is becoming more important and the demand for energy-saving components is on the increase.

Cooling with blowers by SEPA EUROPE is child’s play and simply because they are excellent in overcoming obstacles. In this particular case by overcoming frictional resistance because radial fans suction in the air and blow it out again at a 90°angle°. They are thus in the position to provide a high flow rate even in the event of high pressure loss. You can find these intelligent components at SEPA EUROPE in a variety of sizes and for use in different sectors, e.g. medical technology, embedded systems, automation technology and in control cabinets.

When it comes to the question of electronics cooling, SEPA EUROPE can meet the growing market requirements as the new radial fans of ADDA have an unbeatable energy efficiency due to their EC motor (EC = electronically commutated). In the case of devices with a high operating time, a change is definitely worthwhile as energy costs can hence be reduced.

The economical radial fans are available in different sizes from 50 mm to 120 mm and a re equipped with double sealed ball bearings. They are suitable where a low noise level is required and space is limited. The extremely robust fans are available with a tacho and PWM input and have an unbelievable service life expectancy of 400 000 h (MTBF).

Thanks to their special characteristics, these fail-safe radial fans are frequently used as case fans for control cabinets or in medical technology (ventilation technology). They are also often found in embedded systems, in the automobile industry or in automation technology. Our experts at SEPA EUROPE can provide you with a variety of sustainable solutions and give you active support with the selection and design-in.