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Intelligent solutions for LED cooling by SEPA EUROPE

Passive cooling solutions are usually too big. Small active heat sinks are the ideal solution.

Stable light colours, a high life expectancy and low energy requirements are the unbeatable advantages of LED technology. However, whereas the energetic superiority comes virtually automatically, considerable investment must be made in thermal management to fulfil the demands on the colour values and service life. Only well cooled diodes can keep what they have promised in the long run.

For optimum thermal management, SEPA EUROPE offers not only passive cooling solutions but also active heat sinks. Active cooling concepts usually provide the ideal solution when space is a problem. They are smaller and lighter, can attain the desired service life, are attractively priced and find space virtually everywhere.  SEPA EUROPE already supplies its customers with fans that are adapted to the application in question and in some cases with special waterproof fans.

The cooling experts at SEPA EUROPE will gladly assist you in selecting the correct fan, the design and series production that you require.