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26.02.2019 - Innovative RaAxial fan complements the SEPA microfan series

The latest model on the fan market in 2019

The fan and cooling specialist SEPA EUROPE unveils a true innovation this year: The RaAxial fan. This created term is a combination of the words radial and axial. The microfan with its dimensions of 17x17x4.5mm is ideal for compact, embedded applications and offers numerous possibilities, e.g. as an axial fan for the ventilation of housings or as a radial fan for blowing air onto the heat sink. A tailor-made „Kühligel®“ has already been developed for the latter which makes the cooling of hotspots child’s play when space is limited.

Reliability has top priority at SEPA EUROPE. For this very reason the new fan is equipped with the tried and tested Magfix® bearing system. The life expectancy at 40 °C is 210 000 h (MTBF) or 40 000 h (L10).

As cooling experts, SEPA EUROPE will gladly help you in choosing the right model and design.

18.02.2019 - New track suits for the youth D-Team of the Eschbach-Tunsel football community

The local youth football D-Team of the Eschbach-Tunsel football community proudly wearing their new track suits sponsored by SEPA EUROPE.
We wish the team ongoing success, fun and enjoyment when playing football!

01.10.2018 - Practice-oriented introduction to the cooling of electronics and components

Practice-oriented introduction to the cooling of electronics and components.

Due to the extremely rapid development in all areas of technology, we consider it necessary to re-issue the technical book on „Thermal management for electronic components“ written by Heinrich Cap of SEPA EUROPE. The second edition was comprehensively updated and supplemented and now includes new findings and knowledge relating to state-of-the-art technology.

The volume gives insight into the world of electronics cooling, presents modern ventilation concepts and covers aspects such as noise behaviour and reliability. It provides interesting basic knowledge on active and passive cooling, cooling via heat sinks and much more. Further contents include real-life applications and examples as well as tips for choosing the correct fans.

This indispensable handbook provides the reader with in-depth knowledge of thermal management and is therefore a must-have for all those who require a ready-to-hand extensive guide.

The book is also available in bookshops.

Cap, Heinrich: Wärmemanagement bei Elektronischen Bauteilen (Thermal Management for Electronic Components. Format 17 x 22.5cm, 80 Pages, Hardcover, ISBN 978-3-88778-549-9,

Retail price: 9.80 €.

25.09.2018 - Intelligent solutions for LED cooling by SEPA EUROPE

Passive cooling solutions are usually too big. Small active heat sinks are the ideal solution.

Stable light colours, a high life expectancy and low energy requirements are the unbeatable advantages of LED technology. However, whereas the energetic superiority comes virtually automatically, considerable investment must be made in thermal management to fulfil the demands on the colour values and service life. Only well cooled diodes can keep what they have promised in the long run.

For optimum thermal management, SEPA EUROPE offers not only passive cooling solutions but also active heat sinks. Active cooling concepts usually provide the ideal solution when space is a problem. They are smaller and lighter, can attain the desired service life, are attractively priced and find space virtually everywhere.  SEPA EUROPE already supplies its customers with fans that are adapted to the application in question and in some cases with special waterproof fans.

The cooling experts at SEPA EUROPE will gladly assist you in selecting the correct fan, the design and series production that you require.

04.09.2018 - Varied selection of guards with quick delivery guarantee

SEPA EUROPE, the experts for customized cooling solutions meets the highest expectations with its wide range of guards for axial fans.

Modern high-performance fans operate at high speeds which increase the risk of injury. To enhance safety, SEPA EUROPE offers guards for axial fans in every required dimension.

The well-designed guards of SEPA EUROPE are not only extremely stable but also improve the appearance of each fan. The high-quality surface (chrome-plated, powder-coated, zinc-plated or pure stainless steel V2A or V4A) stands for a longer service life and extensive protection against corrosion. We perfect the product with excellent finishing and a flawless surface without sharp edges.

Additional advantage: The guards of SEPA EUROPE are aerodynamically optimized so that the fans can operate with optimum efficiency.

A further advantage is the simple mounting by screwing to the fan. It is not absolutely necessary to mount the finger guards directly on the fan as they can also be mounted directly on the fan housing irrespective of the size.

The standard guard sizes are available in 25 mm to 220 mm diameter in chrome-plated steel. Each required dimension is available in correspondingly large numbers.

SEPA EUROPE can offer maximum delivery reliability for the guards as standard guards are as a rule available immediately in large numbers ex stock.