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Medical Technology

Fans for products in the medical technology sector by SEPA EUROPE

Normally, we do not want to be in a position where we are dependent on products from this sector. However, should this become necessary, we do not want to be compelled to renounce on modern high-quality medical equipment. We therefore put our trust in sophisticated, reliable medical products. And exactly these medical products represent a special group in the broad application field of fans and cooling solutions.

It is not only a question of reliability and the long service life of the product itself but there are also further significant requirements, e.g. the marking of parts for the logistics, questions regarding documentation of assemblies that are necessary for the certification of the end product as well as a clearly defined strategy in the change management in order to avoid endangering or changing the overall function of the equipment due to a necessary part change.

With its experience in the medical technology sector, SEPA EUROPE is exactly your right partner.




120 years ago, doctors had to diagnose injuries and specific diseases by recognizing signs or using their scalpels. Today modern medical technology enables doctors to look into the human body, e.g. by modern X-ray devices and magnetic resonance tomography. Regardless of whether they are needed in surgeries, hospitals or operating centres, modern X-ray devices are imperative for efficient, diagnostic imaging when providing inpatient and outpatient services.

X-ray devices and MRI equipment, however, cannot operate without fans that cool the electronics. The small, slim models of the radial fan range of SEPA EUROPE are the ideal solution to this problem. The extremely flat fans are equipped with the reliable Magfix sleeve bearings and have a service life expectation of over 23 years. They are available custom-made for medical technology products and are a speciality of SEPA EUROPE!




Radiotherapy is the medical application of ionizing radiation to heal diseases or to delay their progression. A fan is an integral part of the cooling system of radiation equipment. Our fan MFB40H24HA has proved itself many times over. With its compact design, low weight and screwless mounting this assembly enables accurate positioning and in turn effective cooling.

The standard component can also be tailored to the needs of the customer. Parameters, e.g. size, tacho output, PWM input, operating voltage or connector assembly can be customized at SEPA EUROPE.




Ventilation equipment


Ventilation equipment is the key component of a modern intensive care unit. The demands on ventilation equipment used in clinics are extremely high as both doctors and patients expect maximum safety and effectiveness so that optimum treatment is ensured. Cooling plays an extremely important role in ventilation equipment. The axial and radial fans of SEPA EUROPE are particularly suitable for this purpose thanks to their high output and compact dimensions. A special plus factor of the fans of SEPA EUROPE is that they are highly reliable and renowned for their long-term availability.


Blood analysis



Blood analysis helps us to check for diseases and conditions in the human body. Modern blood diagnostic is an enormous help in collecting this information and developing special therapies for humans by means of a blood analysis. A decisive factor is keeping the blood constantly cooled. Our experts at SEPA EUROPE can offer you a particularly flat fan such as the HFB44B. It has a design that perfectly matches the Peltier elements that are used. The distinctive advantage of this fan is its low latency that enables sensitive control.


DNA sequencing




The DNA sequencing has revolutionized biological science and is used amongst other things to examine hereditary diseases. The radial fan HYB35C05A of SEPA EUROPE has proved its worth in counteracting the overheating of the DNA sequencer. It is one of the smallest radial fans with ball bearings on the market and has the advantage that it can also be used without a housing. The result is an even smaller fan!