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Excellent air quality with micro fans by SEPA EUROPE

Both at home and at work fresh and pure air is important for our well-being and health. The Corona virus is currently the focus of attention. The biggest risk of infection is in indoors. Air quality measurement devices can be implemented to control this risk as air quality sensors monitor the CO2 concentration in the environment and allow conclusions to be drawn with regard to the transmission of infectious agents by humans. These includes the aerosol particles that have been much discussed over the last months.

SEPA EUROPE has extended its range of micro fans specially for this application. Micro fans by SEPA EUROPE supply the sensor inside the device with the current ambient air and thus ensure real-time measurement. The wide pallet of „feel good fans“ is available in the outer dimensions of 15 mm, 17 mm and 20 mm.

All micro fans are equipped with the reliable Magfix® sleeve bearings and have a service life of up to 380 000 h. The speed can be constantly monitored thanks to the tacho output. Of particular importance with regard to the air quality measurement devices is also the sound pressure level. The micro fans by SEPA EUROPE are especially convincing because they rotate slowly and thus have a pleasantly quiet operating noise.