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Customized Solutions

In addition to the standard program, we offer customer-specific solutions in close cooperation with our customers, ranging from assemblies to customer-specific fans and complete, ready-for-connection assemblies.

The following is a small selection of our customer-specific solutions:

High-performance fans for LED cooling – effective customized cooling solutions by SEPA EUROPE

LED lighting provides what today’s customer wants because it is not only energy-efficient but also environmentally friendly and long lasting. However, light-emitting diodes convert a large part of the absorbed power into heat that requires dissipating so that heat management becomes indispensable.

Passive cooling solutions soon reach their limits due to lack of space. Active cooling concepts provide an ideal solution as they are smaller, lighter, enable the required service life and furthermore they are affordable. With its smart compact fans, SEPA EUROPE can provide you with the ideal cooling solution for your LED application.

The round axial fan LF40B12 in combination with a heat sink (Fischer Elektronik) is an example for intelligent heat management made by SEPA EUROPE. It is employed primarily for LED cooling and achieves a remarkable airflow performance despite its compact dimensions. Thanks to the virtually linear fan curve and the extremely low current consumption, the fan is suitable for various applications. It is permanently protected against reverse polarity, blocking and thermal overload. The extremely light-weight rotor is resistant to shock and vibration.

Further features of the LF40B12 fan are its sturdy and dimensionally stable housing of glass-fibre reinforced PBT and the optimised design. The Magfix bearing is renowned for its low noise level and absolute reliability.



40 mm frameless fan for integrating in heat sink

SEPA EUROPE offers a 40 mm frameless fan especially for embedded systems. It is 10 mm high and provides a compact solution for chip cooling when used in combination with the appropriate heat sink.

In addition to the 50 mm frameless fan which is already on the market, the new round 40 mm fan is also a much sought-after model for embedded systems. This is because many standard cooling solutions in this business sector are based on the 40 x 10 mm fan. Strictly speaking, the 40 mm fan has a rotor diameter of 37 mm. The version offered by SEPA EUROPE is equipped with two ball bearings and can boast a remarkable service life of 70.000 h at a temperature of 40°C. In addition to an impulse output for speed monitoring, it also has a PWM input for speed setting in the range of approx. 35 – 100% of the nominal speed. In conjunction with the power block pin-fin heat sink, this virtually silent fan with 22 dB(A) is also available ready for connection in the „Kühligel“ version

SEPA EUROPE specializes in tailor-made cooling solutions. Thanks to over 25 years of experience, SEPA EUROPE is in a position to provide a solution for virtually every task.



According to the wishes of the customer

Powerbloc Kühligel® with high thermal conductivity                                             

In cooperation with the heat sink manufacturer Alutronic, the cooling specialist SEPA EUROPE presents a completely new generation of pin-fin heat sinks with up to 40% higher thermal conductivity in comparison to customary heat sinks. Individual adaptations with regard to shape and special requests can be fulfilled. The Powerbloc Kühligel has a surprisingly wide range of additional and individual options.

The new generation of the Powerbloc Kühligel produced by Alutronic is made from pure aluminium (Al 99.5 DIN EN1050) and thus has an exceptionally high thermal conductivity. In comparison to extruded heat sinks, the thermal conductivity is 30% higher, in comparison to die-cast heat sinks it is even 40% higher. The cooling pins are manufactured by extrusion. The low-waste manufacturing method is simple and economical.

In addition to standard sizes, special shapes can be realized at predictable tool costs, e.g. the base shape can be square or produced according to the customer’s requirements. The maximum size of the base plate is 200x200 mm, with a minimum base thickness of 1mm (flatness ≤ 0.1mm). The customer has the choice of either a round, elliptical or polygonal pin shape. The maximum possible pin height is 300 mm and the smallest possible pin diameter is ≥1 mm. The Kühligel is available in both blank aluminium or anodized in colour.

Special requests can be realized by mechanical processing. Double-sided
adhesive heat conduction pads (TCT) or thermally conductive adhesive (HERNON 746) can be used for mounting. Other mounting options are available on request. The effectivity of the Kühligel is increased significantly by screw mounting the fan. With the new generation of heat sinks, special screws are used to mount the fans without involving expensive mechanical processing. The applied thread-locking fluid fulfils two tasks: it serves as a lubricant when screwing in the screws and secures any possible chips from falling out. If the height is limited, the fan can be lowered or attached at the side.



Slimline and efficient cooling solutions

Kühligel® with SEPA radial fans achieve a thermal resistance of a mere 0.95 K/W

In many applications with high-performance FPGAs power dissipation occurs (>30W) but yet there is very little space above the chip to ensure adequate cooling. The existing space must therefore be used as effectively as possible. In this case pin-fin heat sinks known as Kühligel® that are only 10 mm high together with a radial fan provide a cooling solution with a sensationally low thermal resistance of 0.95 K/W.

The distinguishing features of the pin-fin heat sink „Kühligel®“ are its low production costs and high effectivity, the same applies to the renowned blower HY60Q05P. This is supplied with a tacho, PWM input and the long-lasting Magfix bearing technology. The heat sinks can be adapted in all parameters (size, pin space, thickness of the base plate, height of the pins) whereby it is important to reach the right compromise between the longest possible pins and a base plate that is not too thin. The base plate not only acts as a support for the pins and should therefore not bend easily, but it is also the heat spreader that draws the heat into the surface and thus distributes it over a wide area. In other words: the larger the surface, the better the cooling effect.

SEPA EUROPE specializes in customized ideas for these type of cooling solutions. With over 25 years of experience, we can provide our customers with the right solution for virtually every task.


Prewired components

Saving time during the production of electronic devices is a vital efficiency factor of a company and ultimately for the price of a product.

Prewired and tested components can help to save installation times.
In addition to an extensive range of AC and DC fans, SEPA EUROPE GmbH also offers its products preassembled and prewired to meet customer-specific requirements. The correct plug is selected and the desired assignment established together with the customer. This frequently requested service is provided regardless of the quantity involved.


Cooling concept for embedded PC

In times when many companies are striving to achieve efficient production conditions due to the immense pricing pressure, the deliver of high-quality and reliable components is becoming increasingly significant.
The development and production of complete cooling solutions for e.g. embedded PCs is a further field of activity of SEPA EUROPE GmbH. We work together with the customer to find complete solutions that we also put into production, if desired.

The following example illustrates a cooling solution for a portable embedded PC using heat shielding materials as well as both passive and active cooling elements.


OEM Cooler for graphics cards

The increasing speed of processors combined with lower power density and required high degree of reliability are the challenging factors that manufacturers of PCs and cards are confronted with today.

In the project in question, the graphics card cooler in a series of special computers was replaced to ensure the reliable functioning of the system. The standard version supplied by the manufacturer of the graphics card failed prematurely in several applications.


Customer-specific packing

Whether a simple board connector or special versions with specific label (PVC – or shrink tubing), a wide variety of fan modules were assembled/mounted for our customers ready for connection. We also offer solutions with standard heat sinks or customer-specific reworked heat sinks.


Sales-optimized packing

Distributors, mail order, retail trade – they all have their own idea of optimum packing for selling purposes. We plan a ready-for-sale solution together with the customer and offer this product fully packed, if required with instructions, product description and customer-specific label with logo.


Automotive Fans

It's hard to imagine modern vehicles without sensor fans for providing sophisticated air conditioning control.
In order to guarantee a high degree of comfort, these miniature fans must meet special criteria, e.g. service life, reliability under extreme temperatures and minimum noise emission.
SEPA offers you substantial knowledge and experience gained from automotive projects of diverse automobile manufacturers.

The following are examples of automotive fans designed for use in air conditioning systems.