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Customized Solutions

In addition to the standard program, we offer customer-specific solutions in close cooperation with our customers, ranging from assemblies to customer-specific fans and complete, ready-for-connection assemblies.

Axial fan MFB25B12 for a very wide temperature range from -40°C to + 80°C

4 sizes for the low temperature range

The new regulated ventilation in the home from LUNOS stands for more living comfort

Solutions for hot spot cooling and system cooling

SEPA EUROPE offers a series of flat heat sinks that are equipped with durable fans for improving the cooling capacity.

Remedy for thermal problems provides ingeniously integrated complete cooler with a height of only 6.5 mm.

Processor cooling is undoubtedly the most renowned application for chip coolers.

They are small, compact and have astonishing application possibilities – the single board computers.

The HY20A radial fan by SEPA EUROPE for air quality measurement

For an application in the rail sector the SEPA blower HY45T05A-830 had to fulfil extensive customer specification requirements.

Lauterbach PowerDebug Pro finds programming errors and is therefore an indispensable tool for every software developer.

Radial fans for PCBs that process video signals thus enabling their transmission and storage.

The digital video grabber by Silicon Software processes and transmits the video signals of the camera using a specially programmed FPGA.

HANDcure by ISTMetz is a mobile UV LED handset for irradiating spots and larger areas. Areas of application are, e.g. detection and inspection of particle contamination and material properties such as the curing of UV adhesives for immediate fixation.

VR headsets are becoming increasingly attractive. Potential applications include teamwork over long distances or visualization of complex components.

Efficient and quiet cooling concept

Effective customized cooling solutions by SEPA EUROPE

A compact solution for chip cooling

Powerbloc Kühligel® with high thermal conductivity

Kühligel® with SEPA radial fans achieve a thermal resistance of a mere 0,95 K/W

Development and production of complete cooling solutions

Graphics card cooling with high reliability

From one source – Customer-specific assembly by SEPA EUROPE

Optimum ready-for-sale solutions

Sensor fans for air condition control