Fixing screws for fans with a plastic housing

Fixing screws for fans with a plastic housing
07.09.2015 - Befestigungsschrauben für Lüfter mit Kunststoffgehäuse

Sepa Europe, with headquarters in Eschbach / Breisgau, has extended its range of mounting elements for fans. The latest addition are the special fixing screws for thermoplastics which are used for fans with a plastic housing.

Because details count, Sepa Europe pays attention to every detail. The distinguishing feature of the fixing screws is their optimised thread geometry for thermoplastics which provides the optimized fixation for fans with a plastic housing. The hexalobular drive ensures excellent transmission when mounting and is particularly suitable for automated production.

Varying sizes are available from 3.5 x10; 4 x10 to 5 x10 mm either galvanized or black passivated. Stainless steel versions and other dimensions are also available on request.

The outstanding features comprise:

Avoidance of relaxation, self-locking effect, high load capacity,
low tapping torques. The screws are available either in bulk or packed in plastic bags containing 4 pce. each.